Honey Spelt Bread Machine Bread

Total Time
3hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 3 hrs

A delicious whole grain bread which is also great for people who can not tolerate wheat. Spelt flour can be found at Health food stores, I use Vita Spelt and I have them order a twenty-five pound bag for use in all of my baking. I got the original recipe out of a friends "Breadman" cookbook, but I have modified it slightly over the years.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Put the ingredients into your machine in the listed order.
  2. Choose setting on bread machine: light crust, 1.5 pound loaf, either the rapid wheat or whole wheat settings work just fine, depending on how much time you have. After the flour has been added, make a depression in the flour to hold the yeast until mixing begins.
Most Helpful

I made this exactly as is but didn't have canola oil so substituted avocado oil instead. I pulled out my 26 year old Black and Decker bread machine and set it up to work overnight. A beautiful tender loaf greeted me when I woke up. My teenagers love the taste of this bread. I had no bloating after eating it as I typically do after eating white or whole wheat bread. Tasty and nutritious!

wse.robin January 26, 2016

I used 2 cups spelt and 1.5 cups plain and it was absolutely the most delish bread I've ever made. Perfect consistency, light and moist inside.<br/><br/>I'll use this recipe over and over!

Kim M. August 13, 2014

I really like the results of this recipe. I have to add a bit more flour to it, however. Might be my sloppy measurements. I used freshly-milled spelt flour the first time, and this time I am using a mixture of einkorn and spelt. The flavor of the first loaf is amazing! I couldn't be happier about how well it turned out using the whole wheat setting on my Oster breadmaker. Kudos to the author!!

Charles D. January 09, 2014