Honey Soy Grilled Chicken

Total Time
4hrs 40mins
4 hrs 30 mins
10 mins

A simple marinated chicken. Prep time includes time to marinate.

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  1. Place raw chicken in a large plastic "Ziplock-type: baggie.
  2. In a bowl, whisk together all remaining ingredients. Reserve about 1/4-1/3 cup in a seperate container for basting. Pour the rest over the chicken.
  3. Seal bag and "squish: around to coat.
  4. Refridgerate for at least 4 hours (longer if you have time); turning bag once halfway through marinating time.
  5. Remove chicken to hot grill; discard marinade that raw chicken was inches Grill chicken over hot grill, and brush with reswerved marinade. Grill for 3-5 minutes on each side (depending on type and size of chicken pieces) or until juices run clear.