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I made these using 3 pounds of chicken wings and tripled the sauce ingredients. I let the wings marinate for almost an hour. Baked in two batches for 30 minutes each. The wings are loaded with flavor, and were tender, juicy and cooked perfectly. The five-spice powder was a little strong, but they still tasted great. I think next time I am going to cut down on the five-spice a little. Made for January 2013 Aus/NZ Swap.

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Crafty Lady 13 January 13, 2013

I had just over a kilo of wings and I cut the tips of them (freezed to make stock) and then marinated in a double up of the marinating ingredients to coat them well but marinated for about 45 minutes before puting them into the foil lines baking tray and drizzling the marinade over the wings and then baking for 45 minutes for succulent, moist but sticky wings (they look a little burnt but they weren't just a nice deep caramilized flavour). Served with Couscous With Pine Nuts (Barefoot Contessa) for a main and the DM was shovelling through her couscous when I stopped her to get her to eat some of her wings for balance (her reply was I'll finish this and have them for lunch tomorrow) but I go NO leave some of the couscous and eat the wings for balance well the end result was she at up all 4 wings and all her couscous - great meal thank you Tisme, made for Make My Recipe. UPDATE made this by butterflying and deboning a whole chicken (levaing the leg bones in) and tripling the marinade mix (though only used 6 tablespoons of honey instead of 9) and poured it over the chicken and let it marinate for a couple of hours before cooking at 175C fan forced for about 45 minutes and let rest for 15 minutes (chicken was just over 2K before deboning) but I had a :oops: moment in that I used hot chilli powder instead of chinese five spice and well it gave it a kick but it was still very enjoyable and the sauce was great over the rice and steam vegetable so worked out to be a very happy :oops:

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I'mPat March 02, 2012
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