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Very, very good. I had one small acorn squash and about 1/3 of a butternut squash. I peeled and cubed them both and tossed in the sauce mixture. The butternut sq. retained more shape and color, while the acorn sq. cubes absorbed more of the sauce and got browner and more pungent. It was a good combination. Will make again for sure.

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romagen December 15, 2009

OK...I havent made this but I plan on it here soon so thats why no star rating.I thought I would share a tip with everyone.To peal a squash is quite an ordeal...try this.Cut him in half length wise and cut the stem off.This creates a flat spot,now turn it over and use this to stand him up.Grab a veggie peeler and start peeling away.The strips dont come off long and clean like a potato;they are shorter and you have to keep at it but you get rid of the tough skin and if you flip him over you can go the other way to get the stuff you missed.You end up with a nicely peeled squash and your sanity in tact.Hope this helps and I look forward to trying this!Thanks

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ChefWantABe January 02, 2011

I ended up with more of a sauce than a glaze like I was expecting, but I guess my expectations were just off. Very tasty. We will make again (possibly with other types of squash)

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Mrs Thompson August 22, 2010

I liked them! They definitely end up with what I would consider a bit of an Asian flare, and I think they would be a great compliment to a chicken dish of the same cuisine. Very easy and quick.. most Roasted Squash recipes take 50+ minutes to complete, however my rings were done in 35 - 40 minutes. Thanks!

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AKillian24 January 18, 2008

I haven't actually tried this with squash yet. I made this recipe using yams instead, but it was delicious. I'm certain the squash would be wonderful as well. I sliced the yams about 1/2" to 3/4" thick. I think if they were any thicker, they might not cook through quickly enough for the glaze not to burn. I also used tamari for the soy sauce, with good results. Nice recipe, and it smelled wonderful coming out of the oven!

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Heaven's Kitchen October 08, 2005

This is a nice way to fix squash. I have found that if you microwave the whole squash for 1 minute turn and microwave an additional minute it makes it much easier to cut. I cut the squash in half and then sliced it. After it was in slices it was so easy to trim away the fibers and seeds. Cooked it at the 350 degrees and it was delightful with my New Years dinner.

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PaulaG January 02, 2005

I am putting in a new review on this since I made this again. The recipe has been changed from the last time I made it, so anyone who has this printed out may want to check to make sure they have an updated copy. The last time I made this, it was a disaster- the oven temp called for was way too high and subsequently, the squash burnt pitch black on the undersides. I could not eat that then, so I had to give a low review. But I have made this at the new oven temp (350F) and this recipe works out quite well. I like the savory taste the soy gives the squash, and it goes together very well. It is a little messy to eat trying to get the peel off, but it is definitely worth it. I am glad I gave this recipe a second chance and would happily make it again. Thanks for posting!

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Sue Lau December 30, 2004

This was really tasty! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to peel the squash first. I did end up peeling it which I think is the way I prefer it. I served this with grilled chicken, a corn/pea mix, and brussel sprouts. Next time I will decrease the soy sauce about 1/2 a tbsp for our preference. But really sweet and yummy way to fix acorn squash!

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ladypit December 05, 2004

All I can say about this squash dish was FABULOUS!!!! I did turn the heat down to 325 in my air convection oven. Also I increased the honey mixture yummmmm! I have to say, if anyone is looking for a wonderful squash dish, this has to be one of them, well worth trying. WE just loved it! I'll double this and be making this for my Christmas dinner. Thanks so much CL for sharing!....Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz November 21, 2004

This was yummy! Unfortunately, halfway through cooking my oven went wacko and decided that it wanted to be closer to 500º than 400º and it burnt the glaze. So, I tranferred pans, got the heat back down and let this finish cooking. Very tasty sweet and salty way to serve squash. I did make this with butternut, so I didn't really get rings- I did chunks instead. When I read the recipe, I thought that it was weird that it called for you to baste the squash- I thought the mixture would be too thick, but it was surprisingly thin, espeically once it was heated. Very yummy way to serve squash! We had for dinner with Easy Rice Congee #76014.

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Roosie November 04, 2004
Honey Roasted Squash Rings