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We made it and it was much too sweet with the honey. I'd use 1/2 C honey. We added whip cream and it was even better.

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olyfoodies December 30, 2008

Based on the other reviewer's suggestions I bought a carmelized honey especially to make this recipe. A little bit goes a long way so I also used 1/2 c measurement. This recipe was perfect! Great for the time right between summer and fall too because the egg whites give it a whipped coolness yet it has the autumnal flavors usually reserved for fall celebrations. This is very healthy too, since it is only 2 tsp of flour (I used a brown rice flour) and no milk, cream or crust as you may find in other desserts. Pumpkin is extremely good for you as far as eye health, fighting cancer, and more (just google for huge long list of benefits) so as desserts go, it's nice to know something so pleasurable to eat is also so good for you.<br/><br/>Whatever honey you choose will be one of the dominant flavors, so you can experiment with different types from your local farmer's market to find what you like best.

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Mrs. Atkins September 08, 2013

I just prepared this as a nice, light finish to our Thanksgiving feast - and it's delicious. I took Sugarpea's advice and cooled the pudding mixture before folding in the beaten egg white, it worked like a charm. The only change I made was to use pure maple syrup rather than honey, and reduced the amount to 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons; my family and I like a less sweet dessert. I like the fact that there's no added fat, and it's dairy-free - a real plus for my lactose-intolerant Mom. Also friendly to weight watchers; all in all a very nice alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie for a holiday feast - or any other time. I plan to make this on a regular basis through the winter. Thanks Mirj!

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bigred94 November 27, 2008

I didn't cool the pudding before I folded in the meringue so little bits of the egg white cooked (duh), and then it separated from the pudding after being in the frig for a few hours. So don't do that. I believe the last sentence in step 6 should be; Cool. Tasted great, looked funky.

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sugarpea November 11, 2005

I like this BETTER than pumpkin pie! It seems sweeter.

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joy December 26, 2001
Honey Pumpkin Mousse