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Amazing cake! Moist. Reminds me of cheesecake and can see a garnish of raspberries on it. And can see that it would be wonderful also with orange or lime. I did omit the sugar in syrup, used 1 1/2 cups of honey instead of 2, left the zest in the syrup, and simmered longer by about 2 minutes. I also only used half the syrup and would do the same again. I also put mine into a 10 inch deep pie dish with a cookie sheet underneath it. I am confused with your STEP 8-the remaining butter phrase. Thank you Tarteausucre for posting a repeater. First picture shows cake w/o syrup, second picture with half the syrup, and third picture a slice. Made for ZWT6 Zingo for Unrulies Under the Influence.

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WiGal July 02, 2010

OK, maybe I did something wrong, but, I think I messed this up. I did not have a deep 9 inch cake pan, so I used a regular 10 inch, and that was fine...I made the syrup, as directed, and assumed the cake was supposed to soak in it...maybe not?! As I was pouring syrup over the cake, I kept hoping it would just soak it up, like a sponge. My cake was floating in the pan. I'm what I would consider a fairly proficient baker, and I may have to come back and change the review, and the star rating....everyone else who has reviewed this cake, seems to love it...Sorry, I wanted to love it,too, as I made it to take on vacation...

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alligirl July 02, 2010

NOTE: This is long, even by MY standards, lol). Let me start off (badly? lol) by saying that I think I messed this up somehow. I'm not leaving any stars right now, because I really think this was my own fault and I'm not sure how to rate this. My cake pretty much collapsed in the middle, but it collapsed very evenly, so it had a raised outer lip around a uniformly sunken center. This actually worked out pretty well, though, because I had A LOT of extra syrup that just wouldn't soak into my cake. I let the cake soak for a good 10 hours, and the bulk of the puddle of glaze that was on top when I first poured it was still there when I came home from work that night. Oh well, it smelled wonderful, so I gave up on soaking the cake and sliced it up (I was sending most of it to work with DH the next day for his guys). I had to create a paper towel dam to catch all the glaze that was draining onto my countertop as I cut it (the dog was quite happy to lap up the excess that made it all the way to the floor, lol). Once I got the cake fully sliced, I realized why the glaze was refusing to completely soak in -- the cake had a texture not unlike flan, but a cakelike flan, if you can envision that. I must have really overmixed it or something, I'm not sure what. I tried a piece, though, and it was delicious; very unique in texture, but delicious. Some of the syrup had soaked in because I had pierced the cake with a skewer to help the syrup settle in, so it was nice and moist. The lemon and honey were just perfect together. I even kept my pseudo-candied lemon peels and used them as a garnish. I would give this five stars for taste alone, but I would like to try this again to see if I can correct the texture issue. WiGal's photos actually look like a cake, which is what I was expecting when I was making this, so I'm pretty confident that I can get this right. Now I'm just waiting to see what the verdict was with my taste-testers. If they give the thumbs-up, then I guess it doesn't really matter if it didn't come out the way it was intended. Sorry, and thanks for posting! :) Made for The Queens of Quisine for ZWT6 Zingo

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Muffin Goddess July 02, 2010

This is full of my favorite things! I love honey and lemon...what a delicious decadent yet simple cake. I can't wait to make it again and serve it to friends AND GUESTS. **Made for ZWT6**

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Mommy Diva June 29, 2010

What a lovely honey cake. Made as directed, except I zested the lemon and left it in the honey mixture. Gave a more intense lemon flavor to the cake. I couldn't find any Greek yogurt in our area, so had to thicken some regular. I'm sure this would have been much better, but was well pleased how it came out. Thnx for sharing another of your recipes, Tarteausucre. Made for the Voracious Vagabonds of ZWT 6.

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Darkhunter June 27, 2010

I very much enjoyed making this cake, but the real treat was in the eating ~ Really liked the flavor of the lemony honey syrup combined with the tangyness of the Greek yogurt! A wonderful cake that is worth making for company! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed for the ZINGO part of ZWT6]

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Sydney Mike June 23, 2010
Honey Lemon Yogurt Cake