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Wonderful! Great clear directions that I followed exactly that gave a great crispy skin and colour. The sauce was perfectly balanced with the richness of the duck.

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Peter J February 19, 2013

I made this on New Year's Day for my DH and son. I also had to use sweet cherries (frozen) and the sauce was excellent. I cut the soy sauce to 1 tablespoon because we don't care for overly salty food and my DH raved about the sauce, eating it with the duck, rice and then alone. My one problem was the house got somewhat smokey the second hour of cooking. I used a pan with a rack for the duck to rest on, so the drippings fell into the pan below the duck. Did anyone else have this problem?

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beckymusician January 01, 2010

i made this duck for our valentine's day dinner, absolutely delicious! stuffed the duck with one granny smith apple and one blood orange cut up in chunks, we each ate half the duck, and the sauce was incredible... easy to do and great results. my poor side dishes barely received any attention at all! thanks!

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a_olson82 March 02, 2008

I made this recipe for Christmas Eve, but I used two 5 lb. ducks and with 6 of us, it was rapidly gone. Used the duck fat to fry fingerling potatoes and everyone loved it. Served a Pinot Noir which went well with the cherry sauce. As there were no sour cherries, had to go with sweet cherries, and it still was perfect considering how fast everything disappeared. Thank you!!!

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Bijou December 31, 2006

I served this as our main course to family and house guests and was that ever a great selection on my part! The guys were practically fighting to be the one to pick over the bones... Needless to say, there were no leftovers, with the exception of the rendered fat. I personally preferred this without the cherry sauce, but the guys all favored it with the cherry sauce, which I served in small dishes on the side. I especially appreciated the tip regarding using the duck fat for frying potatoes; we loved it and found it to be quite competitive with bacon fat, our usual preference, and probably much healthier. DH has made it very clear that he hopes to see this recipe repeated frequently on our menu! The instructions are also extremely well written, very easily followed without leaving anything in question on my part.

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Cindy Lynn August 10, 2004
Honey-lacquered Duck With Sour Cherry Sauce