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Very nice! I made this to give as Christmas gifts. Very creamy. I have a couple problems however- I think that the sheepy smell of the lanolin dominates a bit too much... perhaps a smaller quanity could be used or a stronger herb infusion? The biggest problem was that I had to whisk the cream to make it an emulsion, rather than just a layer of water and a layer of oil and this is not mentioned at all in the recipe. We whisked it until it was mostly cool (in a pan of cold water) and it worked out fine. Followed the recipe exactly, but subsituting apricot oil instead of wheat germ oil. Overall, a nice recipe- just think it needs a little tweaking.

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Roosie December 23, 2004

OOHHHH Sooo Smooooth and creamy!! I wish I had a tub full to soak in it! I doubled this so I can give little jars as Christmas gifts. I used fresh herbs which I used 4 times the amount and used rose water for the water. And replaced the wheat gream oil for avocado oil. This is a recipe to be played with! I can`t wait to try different herbs.

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Rita~ October 18, 2003
Honey Herb Cream