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We enjoyed this and it was super simple; I used a combo of corn chex and crispix, and sprinkled with sea salt after the final turn while baking. I think a hint of heat would be a good thing; perhaps a little chili powder or a sprinkle of cayenne....may try that next time! :-) This was made for sharing; DS took some to school, to share with his teacher, and I took some to share with my Mom and Sis. All containers came home empty. Thanks for sharing with us, SweetsLady!

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alligirl September 30, 2010

Very honey-ey indeed! I would say this is a really kid-friendly recipe. I heated the butter and honey in the microwave before pouring over the cereal mixture. After pouring the honey mix over the cereal, it seemed very wet, so I added more cereal and pretzels - I did not have any problem with the pieces sticking together after baking and then cooling. I think its important to let it dry several hours before eating, mine was less sticky today than last night. The butter and honey flavors both come through loud and clear. However, I do agree with Michelle, it's kind of missing something... perhaps cinnamon or another sweet spice?

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Brooke the Cook in WI November 05, 2008

I cheated and just used a bag of original chex mix. My pieces stuck rather badly after baking but what I could manage to get up tasted really good, I do think this original recipe could use some seasonings because had I not been using the pre-seasoned bag I think it would have been missing something but, to each his own!

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Michelle_My_Belle September 29, 2008
Honey Glazed Snack Mix