Honey Glazed Chicken Breasts (Low Fat)

Total Time
1hr 10mins
10 mins
1 hr

I found this recipe in the Jan 2006 Betty Crocker Simple Winter Meals.

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  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a 13X9 inch pan with cooking spray.
  2. Place chicken in pan.
  3. In a small bowl, mix remaining ingredients except orange peel, pour over chicken.
  4. Cover with foil. Bake 20 minutes; turn chicken.
  5. Bake uncovered 20 to 30 minutes longer or until juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut.
  6. Sprinkle with orange peel.
  7. **crushed red chili flakes is my own addition**.
Most Helpful

4 5

Very good simple low fat recipe. Besides me breast feeding and not wanting to eat too much chilli i really enjoyed this and so did the family =] shame i couldnt eat it all. Ty katie

4 5

This was pretty good. Made with already trimmed, thin chicken breasts and it turned out pretty nicely. We used red pepper flakes with the seeds to give it some kick and it sure worked. Thanks!

5 5

This was really good. I love the mix of orange and honey with the chicken. It all went so well together. The only thing was that, due to my oven, I had to bake it for a little bit longer. But it had no effect on the taste of the chicken.