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Made this a few nights ago. The 3 star rating could be related to me being somewhat new to duck dishes or my wok skills which I just started using 4 months ago. The recipe was good, but after all the preparation (which was fun), I expected it to be better. My problem (I think) started in step 6, I wasn't able to wait the 10 minutes, my marinade thickened in about 3 minutes.

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Islander902 April 21, 2012

This was nice, but not quite what I expected. I prepared the rice in advance and marinated the duck overnight. I used frozen veggies, though I defrosted them to drain of the excess water, since they would have made the rice soggy. I left out the squash (couldn't get it) and the babycorn, since the family doesn't like it. I do like beansprouts though, and added like SueL a handful. After frying the duck I removed it from the wok (I don't like it too cooked, so I could increase the temp. Followed the rest of the instructions and added the duck just before serving. BF said it had the fried rice taste but a tiny bit burnt, which could have been a wok problem. Inspite of the honey, it wasn't sweet and the garlic wasn't that strong. I felt it lacked sth to totally convince me. I think I might try adding some ginger. Otherwise a nice recipe, a good combination to get all necessary foodgroups into small children. Thanks for sharing.

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Anke R December 07, 2004

This was a bit of a departure for me in the prep of fried rice. I haven't made rice with these particular extra flavorings before and have always used chilled rice myself. I found that this had less of a flavor like fried rice and more like the taste of a stir-fry. The flavor of the garlic and duck really didn't come through and was overwhelmed by the flavor of soy. I did add a handful of bean sprouts to mine as I like the flavor of those. I also shortened the cooking time just a bit, as the marinade thickened upon cooking the duck and the later steps would have caused me to burn the rice had I cooked it as long as stated. It was a good use of contest ingredients, however, and I wish you luck in the contest!

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Sue Lau July 25, 2004

Excellent. My tastebuds thank you! Thorough, clear instructions with accurate measurements, although I did cut back a little on some of the oil. A great combo of veggies and seasonings really made this dish standout. It was so beautiful on the plate, elegant enough to serve to guests. I think any type of poultry or even pork tenderloin would work well in this too.

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HeatherFeather July 22, 2004
Honey & Garlic Duck Fried Rice