Honey for Burns

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Rita1652

Some properties in honey might contribute to its ability to fight infection and promote healing. Its high sugar content allows it to draw infection and fluid from wounds by a process called “osmosis.” Raw honey prevents bacterial growth through its acidic pH and through the work of an enzyme that produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

Top Review by Garden Gate Kate

Yesterday, my mother badly burnt her hand on the toaster oven developing a red blister filled with fluid. Since I was out of raw honey, I placed regular clover honey on her burn and then wrapped her finger in an 1" wide piece of clean paper towel held in place with tape (I also was out of gauze). She left the dressing on for two hours. The intense pain lessened considerably. Moreover, her blister was almost nonexistent the next day, and she was able to have her hand in water without any pain. Thank you, Rita, for a natural cure for burns that actually heals!


  1. Rinse burn with cool water dry and apply honey directly to the burn and covered with sterile dressings. It has the ability to keep the area around a wound moist and protected which will promote fast healing and prevents scarring.

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