Honey , Chocolate and Golden Marble Cakes

READY IN: 1hr 35mins
Recipe by MarieRynr

This cake is very attractive as well as being delicious. This recipe makes two large cakes (or several small cakes). These freeze well.

Top Review by Sarah

I used Good Earth's "Energizing Black Tea" with mate and citrus flavors in place of the coffee in the chocolate part and in the honey portion. For the yellow portion I used milk to give a bit more richness. The smell of this baking was just wonderful, filled the whole house.

I cut the recipe in half and got a full 10" pan (took 60 min to bake off), 12 full sized cupcakes and half a pan of mini-cupcakes. I refrigerated the cupcakes while the 10" cake cooked.

Mini-cupcakes took 15 minutes to cook through while the full sized ones took 20 minutes, both at 350F.

Right out of the oven taste- really good with a wonderful blend of chocolate and honey cake. Will make again! :)

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  1. Preheat oven to 350°F Generously spray two 9 or 10-inch angel food cake pans with non stick cooking spray.
  2. For all batters, use a food processor.
  3. Mix ingredients for each cake in order given.
  4. If you start with the yellow batter you don't have to clean the processor in-between.
  5. Pour each batter into its own bowl.
  6. Once batters are ready, layer in pans.
  7. Start with one third of each: honey, then yellow, then chocolate batters.
  8. There is no need to marbleiz.
  9. This will happen during baking.
  10. Dust with sugar before baking.
  11. Bake 65 to 75 minutes.
  12. Cool well.

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