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OMG!!!!! This dish is WONDERFUL!!! Only thing I changed was that I used fresh minced garlic (3 cloves) instead of powder and added it to the sauce, and I used half green pepper and half red pepper, which gave it a beautiful color. Very easy, and the sauce is just out of this world!! Definitely a keeper! Thanks:) ~Manda

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Manda February 02, 2003

Woo-Hoo!! This was so yummy. I have never made a stir-fry using brown gravy mix. It made a very good base for the sauce. I used everything in your ingredient list (never been afraid of a lot of ingredients). The sauce was well seasoned. The vegetables added lots of color, crunch, and great flavor. This is very healthy and my family and I loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

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ratherbeswimmin' March 14, 2003

This is pretty good! I sub the water chestnuts with celery and added zucchini and used fresh grated ginger and fresh garlic cuz I'm a snob like that LOL. The sauce was surpirzingly tasty! who knew you could do so much with a pack of gravy mix! Oh and I used rice wine vin rather than the red wine vin...it's lighter. I was thinking of using mirin next time to see how that goes. It is easy easy and very good...you really can't go wrong adding any stir fry veggie or even using sliced beef. I'll make it again! :)

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ughnet February 15, 2003

This was just wonderful! I almost passed on the recipe & am so glad I didn't! I cut the recipe back for 1 person, but next time will make just a little more sauce for more flavor. It still had a delicious flavor; just felt it needed a tad more of it. I used carrots, chopped zucchini & broccoli as my veggies-forgot the onion & served it over a small amount of whole wheat angel hair pasta. It was so easy, too! I simmered the veggies with the meat covered since I was a bit unsure from the directions. Finally, a nice, healthy stir fry for myself! Thank u very much for sharing.

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LUVMY2BOYS January 13, 2008

I made this recipe exactly as it is written here. It was pretty darn good! After it's cooked you'd never be able to tell that there was brown gravy mix in it. I did, however, feel that the dish was lacking a little bit of flavor even after adding more soy sauce. I will make this again, and I would recommend trying this recipe!

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flume027 February 04, 2005

I made this exactly as written and wouldn't change a thing. The brown gravy mix threw me for a minute but it made the best sauce ever! Who would have ever thought. We loved the crunch of the water chestnuts! If you are looking for a quick, easy and delicious meal, this is it. I served it over rice as you suggested. WONDERFUL!

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Merlot May 27, 2004

Hi Susie...made this for dinner tonight for DH and myself...it was so delicious...made it as directed in my wok, only I did add fresh garlic (and lots of it!)...we enjoyed this with rice...this is a winner, and I look forward to making this again very soon...thanks for posting Susie in Texas...KC :-)

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Kittencal@recipezazz April 24, 2004
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