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I love buckwheat pancakes, but can never get any one in my family to try them. I made this for dessert. I prepared the pancakes and sauce ahead of time, spread some whipped cream cheese on each and rolled up jelly roll style. When ready to serve I warmed up the sauce, popped the rolled pancakes in micro for few sec to warm (cause they'd been in the freg.) Spooned sauce over each serving, topped with a dollop of cool whip and served. Everyone gobbled it down and raved about it. Now they ask when I'm gonna make it again. NO I didn't tell'em they were buckwheat pancakes, AIN'T gonna tell'm, and DON'T you tell em either! Thanks for sharing

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L DJ January 17, 2007

The pancakes were good-- the use of beer to encourage fluffiness was very creative, and it worked too because these had a nice fluffy texture. IMO, however, these were a bit bland and the beer flavor, though not strong, was apparent. Perhaps the addition of some vanilla or almond extract would help? The cherry-rhubarb sauce was good, although I'll likely stick with regular syrup in the future (just my preference!). Subs: for the sauce, used fresh cherries and plain gelatine plus sweetener; for the cakes, used all buckwheat flour + 1 tsp gluten, egg whites + lecithin granules. I halved the pancake recipe and my yield was 9 pancakes (1/4 c batter each).

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Heather U. July 25, 2004
Honey & Buttermilk Buckwheat Pancakes W/cherry Rhubarb Sauce