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*Reviewed during ZWT5 for Australian Family Picks with the Zaar Chow Hounds Team* Honey and figs are always a great combo together. My family enjoyed these (I so wish I could have tried one....but not suited to my gluten-free diet). These biscuits were a really wet mix so I used a tablespoon to drop blobs onto my cookie trays. They cooked up like a soft American style cookie...more cakey than traditional Aussie biscuits. The lemon myrtle was a great addition....for anyone without lemon myrtle, I would suggest adding some lemon zest as a substitute.I didn't use infused honey but subbed in Australian Paperbark Honey that I bought at the nearby Growers Markets. Photos also being posted

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**Jubes** June 10, 2009

I enjoyed these. I love the flavor of lemon myrtle. I liked that these were a little dry like a biscuit. The batter was really sticky and wet so I used a cookie scoop to place on the baking sheet. The changes I made were. I used a 4 oz cube of butter and regular honey as i didn't have the infused. I added more lemon myrtle to compinsate for this. Next time I would use less figs/sugar/honey amount as these were pretty sweet.

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Samantha in Ut May 22, 2009
Honey and Fig Biscuits (Native Australian)