Honey and Cream - Iranian Breakfast

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

In early 2008 we spent a few days in the northwest Iranian city of Tabriz. We wanted to go to Tehran but all the roads were closed by snow so instead we got to know Tabriz. One of our favourite routines became going for breakfast at tiny restaurants that served honey, freshly drained from the honeycomb, along with a thick, spreadable cream and warm bread for breakfast. So simple yet so delicious. The bread should be like a plain naan bread and you can serve this with either sugary tea (no milk for Iranian style) or plain hot milk. A lighter version of this is yogurt with honey mixed in. Iranians also like honey and butter together on bread. Honey and just about anything is good!


  1. Put the cream in a small bowl to one side and the honey on the other side of the bowl.
  2. Lightly warm your bread.
  3. Mix the cream and honey together and spread on your bread.
Most Helpful

What a lovely breakfast. I used naan and Devonshire Cream and served it with warm tea. Thank you for sharing this.

Diana A. August 28, 2008

This was so good. I will be serving this often!

Myna F. January 19, 2015

Very good. I used keshta which is thick cream that comes in a can and is available in Middle Eastern and Persian stores. I wonder what exact type of cream Iranians use for this breakfast generally? I served it with a creamed, local, organic, raw, honey as part of suhoor (breakfast before the dawn and fajr prayer during Ramadan) I would use this recipe again.

UmmBinat August 10, 2011