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I can help. Sausage needs fat & you just can't get around that BUT there are many choices of fats ! Ground turkey thighs will have more fat to keep the sausage moist but you are giving up some "health" & if you can find ground thighs, the strong flavor may be getting too far away from a sausage taste. If you use breast meat, adding 4 to 5 tablespoons of oil (I like Olive Oil) to this recipe will give you around 10% fat which is still very lean but you can have a healthy fat. To keep the fat in the meat where you need it, add 2 tablespoons of cornstarch & you will have juicy sausage with a velvety texture while using a healthy type & percentage of fat.

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Captain_67 March 15, 2010

I make this with ground dark meat turkey then add my spices, put in a ziplock, make a roll, and refrigerate (or throw in the freezer) till I"m ready to use it. It's SOOO easy to make. I do like to kick up the sage a bit (I probably add close to 1 tbsp to 1 lb of turkey), but otherwise it works great. I don't generally add fat to my skillet at all, but that's probably because I use dark meat ground turkey. Once it's been cooked into crumbles, I use it as the base for my Sausage Gravy & Biscuits (don't bother looking for THAT recipe here - I eyeball all the ingredients so it'd be impossible to post!).

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T-Logan December 20, 2008

Nice to find an easy breakfast recipe for those of us on either a low-fat OR low-carb diet. It does come out a tiny bit dry but you can add oil to fix that. I tweaked the recipe a little using sage, thyme and some garlic powder. So easy to just make and freeze for later.

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Jacqdav February 20, 2008

Some of us cannot 'bite the bullet' as we cannot eat pork and these recipes give us a wonderful alternative. Try adding 2 Tbsp of canola oil, as turkey fat is hard to come by and/or use ground turkey which includes the dark meat and some skin (many brands do), not ground turkey breast. Even if I did eat pork, and I used to and liked it, I still prefer the 'cleaner' taste and mouth feel of turkey sausage. Thanks Leona! I did tinker with this by using thigh meat and 2 tsp. of canola oil and it is a VERY tasty sausage!

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Hajar Elizabeth February 17, 2007

This turkey sausage is really healthy but it was so dry. I watched it carefully and took it out of the pan as soon as the pink was gone, but it was still dry and tough (I used TurkeyStore ground turkey). The flavor was OK. I think that if you want sausage you have to bite the bullet and get the pork stuff. Thanks Leona, I may try this again using some addition oil when cooking them.

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Hey Jude February 07, 2004
Homestyle Turkey Breakfast Sausage