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Inez, this was so yummy. I followed the recipe exactly and thought it was very well seasoned. I liked the little bit of heat from the jalapeno and cayenne. Just right for us. This was very easy to make which you know is important to me. I made this for our family picnic. Just put it in an ice chest and off to the park. Thanks dear, you recipes are loved by us.

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ratherbeswimmin' August 05, 2002

I thought this was pretty good, but I guess I like a bit more vegies. The next time I make it (and I probably will), I'll increase the amount of bell pepper, celery and even jalapenos. I'd also add some salt. Basically, though, this was good, and I like the dressing a lot as an all-purpose, relatively low-cal dressing for pasta salads.

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Meredith K. April 02, 2003

Love this macaroni salad!! I'm a huge fan of macaroni salad and this one is a winner. Just the right amount of heat to make it spicy and extremely creamy with the buttermilk. Thanks!

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True Texas February 22, 2008

Turned out nice and loved the spice.

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adopt a greyhound June 05, 2015

I made this for Easter dinner, and the amount of mayo, buttermilk and vinegar was too little an amount. We like ours a lot more creamy. But I am glad I tasted the combo of ingredients before my hubby added tons more mayonaise. It was a good macaroni salad, just next time I will do everything the same, except at least triple the amount of the dressing

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Silent Whispers April 11, 2012

Excellent! I reduced the vinegar adding just a touch but otherwise followed the recipe as written.

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iris5555 June 18, 2010

Made as directed! YUM! A+ macaroni salad!

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Meekocu2 April 18, 2010

I really liked this salad. I make macaroni salad all through the summer but I've never added cayenne pepper. I loved it. I didn't have jalapeno pepper and don't think I'll add it next time because my young kids wouldn't like it. I didn't have buttermilk either but used 1/2 cup of heavy cream with 1 TBS of vinegar as a substitute. It worked great. Thanks for sharing.

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mbntn74 March 07, 2010

This was the best macaroni salad I've made. I love to use buttermilk ,so after reading dozens of recipes I chose this one-so glad I did! I have never put hard boiled eggs in my macaroni salad , but I will from now on-family loved it! Everyone enjoyed it-even my 6 year old son. I followed the recipe exactly , but with these additions-1 teaspoon sugar,1 teaspoon seasoned salt , and a container of grape tomatoes, halved. I will make this again-thank you so much!

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bad kitty 1116 September 07, 2009

I always have buttermilk and mayo on hand, so this recipe attracted me for that reason. WOW! I'm SO glad I tried this one. I'd looked at many recipes and tried a different one (and very highly rated). I liked this one MUCH better. I'm a fiddler, but to me, a macaroni salad is for using up left overs like ham. What I needed was a good sauce base that I could return to again and again. With a little fiddling to adjust to my own taste buds, I found it here! I doubled the mayo and buttermilk, but not the seasonings. I knew from other salads that I would want more sauce, and it turned out perfectly the way I did it. I didn't have garlic salt, so used 1/2 tsp garlic powder and left out the salt...it didn't need it at all. You know, I wouldn't hesitate to make this with just the sauce, macaroni, chives and a bit of this or that for a quick side salad. The sauce makes it. It's also healthier, as you're replacing a lot of mayo or miracle whip with buttermilk, which is much healthier. I found the ratio to vinegar just a bit too vinegarry, so I did add more buttermilk, mayo and agave nectar (natural sweetener) until I liked the balance. I should mention that I used LIGHT Hellman's, so that cuts the fat even more. I used Dreamfields pasta, which cuts the carbs, so with this recipe and my adjustments, a pretty healthy salad was born! As long as you have at least the sauce ingredients, and the pasta, make this...it will taste good with any chopped items in it! Thank you Meredith!

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moramor July 17, 2008
Homestyle Macaroni Salad