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This is awesome! So much more flavor than my previous recipe. I doubled the recipe, and added some garlic and worcestershire. Other than that, I followed the recipe to the dot. The meat is so tender, and there's so much depth of flavor I am amazed!
ETA: I now use 3/4 cup of red wine, and allow the meat and onions to simmer in the wine for about 30 minutes before adding any other ingredients. Much more flavor, and also much more tender.

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Emoximuu October 09, 2010

Really good stroganoff recipe. The meat came out so tender. DH really loved it. I felt I needed to add garlic for a little more flavor and also added a little milk near the end of cooking just to make more sauce. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview July 08, 2012

Fabulous! Made it to my best of 2010 cookbook book #269572 I cooked the mushrooms ahead of time in the skillet then set aside. Did a quick sear on cube steaks (cheaper) and set aside. Sauteed onions added red wine to deglaze and put steaks back in and cooked covered for 30 minutes. Removed steaks, added mushrooms, soup, sour cream (reduced fat and used more than directed), paprika, tobasco brand worcestire and stirred well. Put in steaks and turned to coat. Cooked 10 minutes covered and truly was one of the best comfort foods I've ever made.

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Vicki in CT March 17, 2010

Oh my gosh, this is so good! The only problem I had with it was that I didn't make enough. Next time I will do a double recipe so we have some leftovers. I used 1/2 cup of red wine and simmered the meat (I used beef tenderloin tips) with the onions for about 15 minutes before adding the other ingredients. Also had to keep the mushrooms separate since the kids don't like them. I ended up adding almost a 1/2 cup of beef broth at the end to make it more creamy. The flavor was great. Thanks for posting!

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Chris from Kansas February 23, 2012

I made this for my Husband and I on Monday evening. I read some of the review below, and I also added some minced garlic and about 2T of Worcestershire sauce. We both loved this meal. We will definitely be making it again. I was a little conservative with the paprika, but I think I will spice it up a little more next time. Thanks for the recipe :)

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aimeelou23 November 29, 2012

Magnificent and Simple!! The Sirloin was so tender, we added 6 cloves of Garlic, some extra red wine and a dash of chilli. Egg Noodles were impossible to find at our local grocers so we made-do with extra wide fettuccine and it was superb!! A great "last minute" meal for dinner guests as the flavours are really complex and complimentary but not at all overpowering. Such an awesome balanced recipe!! 5 Stars!!!

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whitewings 33 February 20, 2010

I made my own cream of mushroom soup for lunch and had some left over, so I used it in this. It resulted in a wonderful stroganoff that my whole family ate and ate! We loved it till the last drop was gone!

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Let's Cook Lisa! February 13, 2009

Thanks for this recipe. Just finished the seconds. Everyone that ate it loved it. I also cooked onions and mushrooms at the same time with about tablespoon of minced garlic. I doubled the recipe. Used 2 T of olive oil, and 4 T of butter. Also added spices during the sauteing. Then threw in leftover rare tenderloin cut up into bitesize chunks. It all came together super quick because my meat was already pretty cooked. I find myself now wanting to catch that tenderloin on sale again so I can repeat this process. Thanks again.

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sansy February 02, 2008

Wonderfully full flavored recipe! I followed as written except added some beef broth to the meat mixture before adding the sour cream to thin it out a bit. I also used about 1 lb. of mushrooms since they cook down so much. The meat was super tender! Thanks for the recipe.

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Finicky Fizgig October 15, 2009

I have never made Stroganoff before using sirloin steaks. I am now a convert!! This was a very easy recipe to follow and the results were quite tasty. I did have to add a little additional seasonings (our taste preferences): Used 1 pound of mushrooms and added 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce as we felt it needed just a tad more of a bite. This recipe will be made and used again, often! Thanks for posting a wonderful recipe!!

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CindiJ March 04, 2008
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