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I followed Sy instruction except for the heating: i used the 40°C (104°C) funcion of my oven.
It turned out very light and not sour at all. Delicious with honey! A really excellent and healthy dessert!
I will try with differen yogurt starter from different trade marks!
Note: we have only halogen and LED lamps, which would not produce enoght heat.
Thanks a lot for posting this recipe!

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awalde January 30, 2011

This yogurt is 100 times better than store bought!!! i bought a 5c yogurt maker at a yard sale for a dollar. i used 3c whole milk,1c half and half,and 4Tbsp organic "greek" yogurt. i followed Sy's directions, except i put the yogurt into the sterilized jars and turned the thing on. i actually forgot about it and left it on for 16 hours....but the yogurt was SO GREAT!--not too sour like i thought it would. it was a little thin, so i added a little sugar and vanilla,and gave some to my kids as a yogurt drink.my kids went crazy over it!!! i will be making this on a regular basis from now on!

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TnT'smom May 10, 2006
Homemade Yogurt by Sy