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Hi Honeybeee, Well this was our first attempt and the yogurt was a bit runny. This will not be our last attempt. I just read Velvetinenut's review and I think we will follow suit! Otherwise the taste was very good and worth making again. Thank you for posting.

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oilpatchjo April 12, 2008

I heated the milk until a bit of steam started coming out and poured it into a yoghurt smeared glass bowl (I used two tablespoons) which I then placed into a pre-heated oven. The oven was turned off. I had to very carefully move the yoghurt bowl a couple of times out of the oven because I had to use it but I didn't jar or shake the bowl. It was in the warm oven for about 3 hours and on my kitchen counter for about 8 hours at 26C degrees. It was much thicker after being stored in the fridge for 11 hours. Make sure the yoghurt you use has "live culture" or it won't work.

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption May 25, 2004
Homemade Yogurt