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Thank you Dee514. I use to make this recipe myself when money was tight and the kiddies had hollow legs, but got out of the way of making it. Then when I went back to making yoghurt again, I could not for the life of my remember the quantities of milk to yoghurt. So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across your recipe while "browsing around Zaar". As we say here in Australia, "You lil ripper Dee." I made this early this morning on low fat milk. Then with MY home made yoghurt, I made 2 yoghurt cakes, 2 potato bakes using yoghurt instead of cream, yoghurt and chives cheese and we had fruit and yoghurt for lunch. We will be eating the last of the yoghurt for dinner as a dessert and in cucumber sambol. Folks, why on earth buy yoghurt when you can make your own. It is so easy, so simple. This recipe looks after itself once you have added the yoghurt starter. I used a thermometer to get the exact temperature but this is almost fail proof. Please try it. You will have fun using your home made plain yoghurt in your recipes.

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Chrissyo June 30, 2002

This is pretty much how my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother made yogurt before it was a 'health food'. I was taught to just warm the whole milk until a skin forms on the top and keep it at that temp for 5-10 minutes. Pull out your starter to get it closer to room temp. Let the milk cool until you can keep your finger in it to the count of ten. Pour the scalded milk and the starter into a non-metal bowl, cover with a towel and place in the oven overnight. If you get too much liquid for your liking, you can add milk powder to the milk prior to scalding. NOTE: For a great spread, line a strainer with a single thickness of paper towel, put over a bowl and pour in the yogurt. Refrigerate for a day or two--the longer you strain it the more solid that it becomes. Mix with chives, salt and pepper for a wonderful, yet healthy spread.

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dogsandwoods December 05, 2008

I have made this twice now with raw milk. The first batch was a bit on the runny side, so I did a little research. I found a suggestion to decrease (yes, decrease) the amount of starter/yogurt to get a thicker consistency. The second batch came out perfectly thick with just a couple tablespoons of yogurt from the first batch. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks.

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ajiwac May 09, 2009

You can also wrap the container in one towel & place in an insulated picnic cooler (close the lid). This will maintain the temp. nicely.

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ubandfrantemple April 28, 2007

Worked perfectly. I used a thermometer to make sure I got it to 185 and then cooled it to 120. I used a store bought plain greek style yogurt for my starter. I poured my yogurt/milk mixture into a clean thermos to let it set up and ended up letting it sit for about 6 hours before remembering to move it to the fridge (just left it in the thermos). Its now a lovely thick, creamy yogurt that I can't wait to put some homemade granola and fruit on it. Thanks for a winner!

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HSingARMYmom December 20, 2010

Until I looked on Recipezaar, I didn't know you could make yogurt at home without special equipment. Thanks so much for the recipe. I made this the first few times following the recipe. Although the taste was wonderful, it only made 3 1/2 cups of yogurt, about the consistancy of store bought. Since I am trying to save money, I was a little disappointed. I looked at other recipes on this site & reading the reviews, I decided to add 1 cup of powdered milk (1 pouch). I've made it several times & I always end up w/at least 7 1/2 cups of yogurt w/very little whey to pour off. I followed the suggestions of other reviewers & heated a towel in the microwave, put it & the plastic container in a soft-sided ice chest for approx 6 hours & in the fridge for at least 8 hours. The taste is a little sweeter than without the powdered milk. I've found that using the bottom of a pressure cooker works best for me due to the thick bottom. I heat the milk to 200 deg, just to when the bubbles are barely moving around, let cool to 118 deg, removing the skin a few times, & mix a little of the milk into store brand, plain yogurt left at room tempature & then mix into the rest of the milk. Once all I had on hand was low-fat vanilla yogurt & it set up perfectly. Almost forgot to add, the first day the yogurt has very small curd but after stirring several times during the day, it smoothes out & becomes creamy.

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sheba92766 September 02, 2009

After a couple weeks straight of making this recipe I've got it down pat. Using powdered milk, I boil four cups of it, then pour it into a pint-sized jar and put it in the fridge to cool down. About 40 minutes later it's pretty close to the 120 degree mark and I dump in about 1/4-1/3 cup of yogurt and whisk it into the milk. I cap it off, slide an oven mitt over the jar and put it in the oven for 4-5 hours. Then the mitt is removed and the jar goes back to the fridge for 6-8 hours. I suppose it could be left like that, but I find that even though it's thick, when I try to use it in something it just breaks down and is too runny. So I strain it for about a half hour and it's perfectly thick and creamy. I love it with my almond butter and a sprinkle of stevia. Oh yum!

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cause4chubbyhubby August 08, 2008

Just as easy as everyone said it was! I did use a thermometer, as suggested by other reviewers. Excellent flavor. I was skeptical when I read that a spoonful or two of fruit preserves would be enough flavor for this plain yogurt, but the sour bite of ready made yogurt is missing and a spoonful of preserves is truly enough!

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Midwife Meg March 18, 2008

Great recipe. I made the yogurt last night using 2 % milk.I heated the milk in a glass pot, and used a themometer for the exactly temp. Once it was cooled I added the yogurt, stirred it and placed plastic wrap over the pot. Then placed the lid on it. I wrapped two towels on it , let it set for the for hours, then placed the pot in the fridge overnight. This morning I put some in a cup with some cut up canned peaches and a little sugar and it was pretty good. I plan on using some to make smoothies, with orange juice and frozen strawberries. I want to try adding pie filling to it,like peach or apple, or maybe fruit preserves.

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feecat10 July 27, 2006
Homemade Yogurt