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Hey thanks so much for this recipe...making it again for the 2nd time now...im trying 1cup of 2% milk in substitution for the dry milk as last time i found the dough was a wee bit dry and had to add a few tablespoons of water...we will see how it turns out.. a great recipe in which i will be using whenever i make sandwich bread!

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Owen_Ryder_Mama September 10, 2011

I have made this bread 4 times now.. I follow the recipe exactly.. I add the flour a cup at a time and stop when the dough looks good and feels good. I know amounts of water vs flour needed can varry according to your elevation / area. This is THE go to bread. Sandwich bread , morning toast, grilled cheese.. this is THE best of the best. I even photo 'd the recipe for my jump drive, so that I won't loose it... ever. This is one of those recipies that convinces people I can do magic in the kitchen.. L O V E I T !!!

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Bonnie C. May 11, 2016

Very nice. I just tried this recipe today and my 82 year old mother loves it. In fact, she wanted a grilled cheese made with this bread and it turned out great. Most of the loaf was eaten with butter slathered on it. Thanks for sharing an easy and excellent recipe.

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yrusogr8 April 10, 2014

The flavor on this bread is rich and yeasty. However, the dough was incredibly dry and unworkable. I wound up adding water, as well as olive oil, to try to make it a more manageable dough. The result was a heavy, dense loaf that - while tasty - lacked the fluffy personality that Wonderbread or any other sandwich-quality bread possesses. I am an experienced baker, and paid close attention to my measurements; however, I did not produce this with a bread machine as I don't have one. That being said, I've used other bread recipes that converted to no-machine production without any issue. So in a nutshell, nice flavor, but awful consistency.

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juststardust January 09, 2013

This the best bread I have tried. I made this to go with beef and barley soup and what a great combo. I have tried a BUNCH of them, but they usually leave a yeasty taste. I am not fond of that but this bread didnt have that at all! I am very impressed, I will be using this recipe over and over again, no more looking I have found it! It is very easy to do also, Thanks so very much!

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BonnieW April 11, 2008

We loved this bread! I liked the addition of the potato flakes and powdered milk. Sliced up beautifully and makes fantastic toast. Made for 2008 Cookbook Tag. Thanks Khandi!

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PrimQuilter February 08, 2008

Great recipe. I especially appreciated the tip on proofing the yeast to reduce the yeasty flavor. It worked like a charm. I baked mine in the oven as I don't have a bread machine but it turned out very good. Terrific flavor and like the previous reviewer said, it had a "doughier" consistency than I'd expected. I'll probably leave it baking for a few extra minutes next time but there'll definitely be a next time. Thanks for posting :)

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biddaeverything May 16, 2007

DH insisted on Wonder Bread for his Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches... and not one to purchase bread, I hopped on the Zaar to find this recipe. This is very similar to Wonder bread, only softer & 'doughier'. His NEW favorite version of white 'wonder' bread. Thanks for posting!

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AKillian24 November 26, 2005
Homemade Wonder Bread