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never use baby oil for your skin,babies skin,childrens skin or pets either. since baby oil is synthetic fragrance and mineral oil it is an irritant. mineral oil has a very large molecular sructure which lets nothing in or out thus suffocating and clogging your skin. botanical oils are compatible with skin because of its small molecular structure which can be absorbed into our epidermis. grapeseed and apricot are lightest feeling. primrose is great for sensitivities. wheatgerm and jojoba are nuturing. we all have olive oil in our kitchens so use that instead. apricot and almond are best for baby. always make sure if your pregnant you avoid stimulating essential oil like rosemary and eucalyptus. we absorb these oils into our bloodstream through our skin and through inhalation. lavender is safe as well as chammomile.read up before you use essential oils. contrindications exist! and if your allergic to nuts dont use nut oils. so keep it natural.

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chainsawbettie October 30, 2005

I loved making them, one big BUT they got moldy on me. I put some in the car and when I went to use them they had big mold spots on them. I don't think I will do this again.

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chef janell August 03, 2009

Super easy to make and saves so much money for very little effort. I love being able to control the ingredients and make them a little more eco-friendly. I used All-Purpose Cleaner/Disinfectant All-Purpose Cleaner/Disinfectant. Using an electric knife to cut the roll really cut down on the fuzz/mess. Thanks, Loves2Teach!

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Doxie Mom April 04, 2009

love this idea you never know when the little people in your life are gonna make those big, messes

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Tinkerbellx February 16, 2008

Wonderful!So far I've made car cleaner wipes, window cleaning wipes, and Murphy's Oil Soap wipes- all with great results. My one comment and slight adaptation, however,is- I don't bother to cut the paper towels in half. I find it to be too much work, hassle, mess (lint fibers everywhere as I'm trying to cut through the roll). . I simply take a jumbo storage bag- add a full roll of Bounty paper towels, and find 6c. of water to be a perfect amount for nice moist wipes. Adjust the other ingredients accordingly. :-) Thanks again!!!

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closet cook February 08, 2008

I really had fun making the baby wipes. I used Bounty select-a-size, but next time I would use the regular sized sheets for those tough jobs!!! I took the suggestion to use 2 T. baby lotion in place of the oil and use an electric knife for the cutting. I have Huggies baby wipes dispensers, and cutting the roll in thirds made the perfect size to fit them. I didnt change the amount of liquid- the amount listed was perfect for my 1/3 roll. Cant wait to make some more! Thanks so much for sharing the recipes.

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Munchkin Mama January 15, 2008

The baby wipes are all I ever used with my son, he never had one diaper rash. I wish I would have known about them for my daughter. I run a dayhome and always have them made up with disinfectant cleaner, easy to grab one and wipe off a door or a toy after a child has sneezed or put someting in their mouth. I keep a bag of wipes made in the vehicles, excellent to clean up spills or sticky kids.

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KennKonn March 11, 2007

very economical... however I have boiled the water for 10 minutes to remove any bacteria in the water & wipes lasts alot longer... in baby wipes try to substitute the baby oil with 2 tbsp. of baby lotion instead, this was recomended by my pedaitrician...also i use those really big containers of multipurpose wipes found in the health & beauty section works quite good & if you should invert the the holder from time to time to distrubute the liquids...

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Littlemomma August 17, 2006

you could also use disposable nappy liners instead of the paper towels.they come in packs of 150 and would be useful as well

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AussieGal Tracey March 28, 2006

Well, here I am again, so, i tried the multi-porpuse ones and they are good, plus i made the after bath ones for me, cos i use baby oil after my showers, but then i add some drops of some essential oils and wow, smells great!! I didn't use bounty cos here you can't find it, but i bought a local brand that says is quite resistant to liquids...it worked well, but i still have to squezze them before using them cos i think was too much liquid (2 cups of water), nevertheless, they are well worth it and what i love is how you can personalize them :) Will keep on making them

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*Ollin* January 26, 2006
Homemade Wipes