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I really like all of the ingredients in this burger. I didn't see the need to use 2 pots for the boiling, so as bulghur & lentils take about the same amount of time, I cooked them together (in 3 cups of water so there was no draining necessary). I also used red lentils as it didn't specify (I don't think it matters much although green would have held together more). I like the sauteed veg for flavour and crunch. What wasn't really to my liking was the amount of lentil - they are a great binder, but the burgers are kind of mushy lentil patties. And I had to keep them on the thick side to they would hold together in the frying pan. I think maybe an even ratio of lentils & bulghur might help that. Something to play around with for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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magpie diner April 02, 2011
Homemade Veggie Burger