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Terrific little sausages. Very easy to make the 'dough' (if that's the right term). After a couple attempts at the tootsie roll thing I got the hang of it and they went together pretty fast. I made them the night before and cooked them in the morning. I did half in the steamer basket and half in the oven. (The three oven baked ones are in the back of the photo.) The oven ones were a little browner but more chewier. So I think I liked the steamed ones slightly better. I checked the nutrition information, and if anyone is interested, vital wheat gluten adds about 25 calories a link. Thanks for posting!

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Wish I Could Cook May 09, 2010

I will be trying these soon!

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Leelahlil January 10, 2011
Homemade Vegetarian Smoky Breakfast Sausage Links