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These are really quite easy to do although a little time consuming. But the end result is worth the effort. I did fins that the thinner I rolled these the better. Even though I let the dough rest, initially I could not get the dough thin enough which resulted in my tortillas being too thick. But though trial and error, I found that if I rolled out a few and let the dough rest and then went back and rolled them again a second time, I could get the dough thinner. once I had the hang of things, the process was much smoother. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada May 28, 2012

I used canola oil in place of lard. The instructions seem to go on forever, but really, this wasn't that difficult. The toughest part was figuring out how to roll the things out without them sticking to everything in the world. Flour didn't help. I ended up putting the dough ball in between a folded silicon baking mat, and it worked out fine.

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birdnerd July 31, 2010

Excellent recipe just like my Grandma's when we used to visit her. We used only 4 TBL of Lard, 1 1/2 tsp of salt. Mixed it in our Kichenaid electric mixer using the dough hook. Don't over mix and then cover and let us sit for about an hour. It turned out great!

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crystalleduc May 09, 2009
Homemade Tortillas