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I have to say that my dad, 83 years old, brushed his teeth on a salt lick and he still uses salt on his teeth. Never lost a tooth and never had a cavity either. Go figger. We use Tom's of Maine because so many commercial toothpastes use mercury in their formula but I supplement Tom's with baking soda every so often because I can't live without my cuppa tea;)

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Secret Agent April 23, 2010

I'm going to have to agree with the two hygienists! I've been using Tom's of Maine toothpaste for the past couple of months and I've never seen such staining of my teeth ever! I was trying to go organic beyond my kitchen! I'm going back to Crest! Something with whitening capabilities! lol

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mersaydees July 23, 2009

I am also a dental hygienist and am cautioning everyone not to use this recipe as is. If you care to make your own paste, use only the baking soda and OMIT the salt completely. Baking soda is smooth and will buff your teeth while salt is extremely abrasive and will scratch the enamel. You will find after a time that your teeth will begin to stain in the microscopic scratches, and you will be scrubbing off more of your enamel to get rid of them. You may also find that your teeth become sensitive from removing the protective enamel and eventually you will be removing the softer root surface which will add to the sensitivity and cause further gum recession and make you more prone to cavities . Salt is very goo for reducing inflammation and healing of tissues but ONLY if first dissolved in warm water and used as a rinse. Never to scrub your teeth with. As a test take both salt and baking soda between your fingers...salt has sharp pointed crystals and baking soda is smooth. You would loose the benefit of the strengthening fluoride also. Use the baking soda if you wish, but I would not reccomend using it exclusively. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime and you would be compromising your smile and your oral health if you used the salt in this recipe.

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Brenda #2 October 17, 2004

I am a regered dental hygienist...I would never recommend this product. Salt is more abrasive than any product on the market. It cuts into the enamel of teeth and root structure and causes abrasion which will make gums recede. Also, Enamal is only so many microns thick and once it's gone, it's gone...How many years would you like to keep your teeth? Kelly, RDH Missouri

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Kelly Crawford November 08, 2003

I found a very similiar recipe on another site and it called for glycerine to make the powder into a 'paste'. I used 4 tsp glycerine to 6 tsp of tooth powder. I also used peppermint extract. It works great! My teeth are so smooth and clean. I love it!

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Sully7 August 14, 2003

Wonderful! I just finished with my lunch and used this instead of toothpaste to clean my teeth. I used peppermint extract(4 drops). Don't know if I can ever do away with my favourite Crest toothpaste or not, but I'll be using this alot, that's a promise!

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Charishma_Ramchandani July 29, 2003
Homemade Tooth Powder