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These seemed more like cornmeal crepes to me. I was kind of expecting something crispy and in order to get anywhere near that you practically had to burn them. Other than that, they were OK, I might try them again, but have had to revise my expectations.

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tjaskolka May 18, 2002

Thank you for this! This was such an easy way of making exactly what I needed as step 1 in making Hard taco shells. I found it easy to make the 'crepes' once i realized non-stick lined pan was required and could make them very thin, I then heated oil and folded them in half (i checked some online videos for how to do this bit) which took a little practice and 10 mins later 8 crispy taco shells! will try bake them next time to reduce the calories as who wants the calories in the taco when you have cheese and guacamole and salsa to stuff them with.

So glad I can have my mexican feast without having to hunt for taco shells! yum.

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theotherMrsBell February 11, 2011

Made these this afternoon and they are very good-also very clear, simple recipe.Thanks! <br/><br/> I roasted some garlic (whole bulbs in the oven on medium and then squeeze out the garlic 'paste' from the individual cloves ) and put 2 medium cloves into the recipe-it made a difference

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Sandra M. July 26, 2014

I followed Cindy's recipe but used maize meal flour instead of corn flour. They were soft after cooking on the skillet, so I hung them two at a time (using a vertically positioned piece of plastic- margarine tub lid pushed into a cut slot of an upturned yogurt container!) and cooked them on high in a microwave for two minutes.<br/><br/>. Oh yes and stuffed them with spaghetti bolognaise for my daughter (....the I-Carly craze.!)

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darcybotswana September 21, 2013

Not at all what I expected - no amount of cooking makes these in any way, shape, or form like a hard taco shell. As another reviewer mentioned, they're more like taco crepes and leak all over the place. They're just not capable of holding up to being filled like a traditional taco. It might work as a wrap with a layer of lettuce directly on top of the 'taco' to add to the stability of the crepe, otherwise they just don't work.

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alysania August 13, 2013

You have to deep fry the tortillas after you make them. wrap the tortillas in foil and let them rest for a few minutes. Heat about 2-3 inches of corn oil (about 350 degrees)in a deep skillet. Fold a tortilla and hold the edges with tongs. Deep fry for 2-3 minutes using tongs and a fork to form a perfect shell. They must be used right away or they get soggy.

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tissmith June 04, 2008

I made these for the Revised Bargain Basement Game and I think I did a BOOB on them. They are reviewed as being wonderful taco shells but I seem to of gotten a very thin cornmeal pancake. I am not sure if I did something wrong or not. Please feel free to Z-Mail me and I will be glad to hear any of anyone's suggestions on this recipe or if I did something wrong!! That way I can give it a better rating if I figure out my BIG BOOB!!

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Creation in Hope June 13, 2006

I had dinner at Cindy's these were the best taco shells EVER!!!! So easy and tasty...Keep up good recipes Cindy :) Looking forward to your next dinner. Your Friend, Diana

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Didi McBride May 31, 2002
Homemade Taco Shells #1