Homemade Sunless Tanning Lotion

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Total Time
10 mins
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No harsh chemicals, made with only two ingredients...I have not tried this, but a friend uses this & she says it really works but takes a while to see any change, but plan on trying this...if you use this let me know how it does...

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  1. Add pure cocoa powder to lotion, stirring till completely mixed & to desired color (looks darker in lotion than on skin).
  2. Add to lotion bottle pump to use.
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I can't wait to try this! I noticed that in the reviews that dogs love this. Dogs love chocolate and garlic. Garlic is healthy for dogs, however chocolate is VERY toxic for them. My friend's Golden Retriever died after he got into a box of chocolates that were gift wrapped, under the Christmas tree and he only ate 5. Bless his heart. We all laughed until he passed and the vet told us why, it was so sad. Don't know if there is enough cocoa in this to kill a dog, but it might make them sick (especially a little puppy). Just thought I'd caution those who are not aware of this.

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I made a very, very small batch of this after seeing it on another website. I am glad I did... It smelled pretty good ( chocolate-y! ) when I mixed it into an all natural unscented lotion... But when I applied it to my legs, it was kind of sticky and didn't really color my skin all that much. I don't know how many applications it would take to see a difference... but then again I am of Asian descent and maybe that is why the lotion didn't work quite as well on my skin tone. Maybe on really fair skin would do better with it... my dogs also thought I was irresistable!!! Thanks for posting!

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So sorry to be the odd ball on this but I tried it and had a few problems - it came off on my, clothing, it smelled gross and my dog thought I was way too yummy! It did colour my skin though so 2* for that.