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I have been doing my veggie stock this way for a few months & figured I'd give a review! I LOVE to do this for a few reasons. One, it's cheap. Actually, it's free since all you use for this stock you usually just toss. Two, it's more natural, nutritional (I imagine), pure, and flavorful. There are no preservatives or things you can't pronounce in there. Super low sodium, too! Three, you can really modify the stock. Have an over abundance of tomatoes in your garden? Make a stock - it'd go great to cook with rice, etc. Since I like a stronger onion flavor I just add an extra "layer" or two off my onions when I peel them. Four, you can use veggies and scraps that were previously WASTED. Got some veggies in the fridge that are about to go bad? Toss them in the stock freezer bag! I NEVER EVER waste veggies now simply b/c I didn't use them in time. I put all my scraps in this, including ones I wouldn't necessarily eat. For example, I toss the onion skins but still add that tough outer layer of the onion to this; normall it'd just get trashed/wasted. I add the middles of peppers when I gut them - seeds and all. I've even tossed a few fruit items in there - don't be scared to try it (just don't get carried away)!! I usually cook it all in the crockpot overnight, line my strainer with paper towels, and drain. This prevents the seeds and parts from falling through. Depending on what I have in that batch, sometimes I don't use paper towels but rather strain then blend. I've never actually seen this recipe posted but it's SUCH an easy method that one should really try it rather than buying stock. Plus, you always have so much on hand you'll find yourself adding your stock to things you normally wouldn't. Adds flavor and nutrients! Thanks for sharing!!

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somebodys_sweet_pea September 09, 2008

The ONLY downside to this (outside of your friends thinking you are bonkers for freezing your garbage) is it will never be the same - and that really isn't a down side is it? The ingredients will most always vary in selection, but amount also changes too. What is a given though is the wonderful flavor from such a simple recipe. I've enjoyed what I've made and really can't wait for the summer veggies to come calling (always hated throwing out the corn cob, seemed like there was just too much goodness left). You are only limited to your imagination on this one. THANK YOU!!

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ala-kat March 17, 2009

Awesome idea!!!! I use every bit of my veggies now, no waste.. What a great money saver and I never have to worry about not having stock on hand. And it's fun to make.. :) Thanks so much.

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tigra April 07, 2010

Fantastic idea and super easy! I have been using all of the spices and onion skins, carrots, celery, leeks, parsnips, garlic and mushrooms. Thanks for sharing.

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VeganJen October 25, 2009

this is great. i cook on low in the crock pot for 20-24 hours or until the chicken bones break easily. thanks so much for posting!

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A.S.K. October 19, 2009

Wow! Thanks so much Karen. I made this today and it made so much. I now have 21 1/2 cups of vegetable/chicken stock ready to freeze. This with only a few days of adding to the freezer stock bag. I make celery, carrot & apple juice every morning so I had a lot of celery leaves and stalks to add to it. It is wonderful. I make risotto often so I am always buying 4cup containers of liquid stock, but not any more, this recipe is wonderful and I am so happy that I found it here. By the way I used the carcass of a roast chicken to add to the vegies in the stockpot. I also used more water because I did have a heap of vegetable peeling etc, that's why I got so much stock from it. What a wonderful idea Karen, thanks so much.

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Ninna March 03, 2009

Wow - I don't know why I never thought of this before. This is so easy to do and smelled so nice while simmering. Thanks for sharing!

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Starrynews February 23, 2009

What a great idea! I have always made my own chicken stock. I make a whole chicken in the crockpot and use the juice that it develops and any leftover bones, skin, etc. Then I add water, salt/pepper, garlic, maybe onions, etc. I will save all my scraps from now on. I just started making this and added in some cabbage, Swiss chard stocks, ends of leeks, 2 carrots, stems from broccoli. I'll bet this will be even more awesome than usual! Like the idea to save trimmings from beef, although I don't usu. buy beef anymore, only occasionally. Then I can make my own beef stock. Edited to add: This made it into my Top Fav's of 2008 book.

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WI Cheesehead January 08, 2009

I will never ever ever buy stock at the store again! This is a great way to use up veggie peelings! It freezes so well!

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Herb-Cat September 02, 2008

What a great idea- no more canned broth for me! This is a great way to control sodium intake, etc. & makes a lot of stock really fast. Now to use it all up....

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Jetje May 12, 2008
Homemade Stock