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Outstanding recipe! I made this two different ways. The original batch was as you directed, with only one exception. I used 6 serranos, 6 jalapeƱos, 6 New Mexico Big Jim's, and 6 anaheims (a gift from my SIL). The result was a very well balanced salsa, of course I will let the salsa sit for at least 3 months before testing again. The second batch was done with a combination of mostly yellow tomatoes (another gift from SIL) and about 6 red tomatoes. Knowing that the yellows are sweeter and less acidic, I omitted the sugar altogether, and used about 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice. The result of this batch, was wonderful in an entirely different way. A sweeter salsa was the result, but the peppers will definately heat things up. This was a very easy recipe to follow, and the results are outstanding. Thanks for sharing your tried and true recipe.

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Miss Annie July 25, 2003

AWESOME! I really didn't follow this recipe to the letter, but still it's a great recipe that allows you to riff off it. What I did:

I used beefsteak tomatoes that a friend gave us out of his garden. I didn't seed them. I placed the tomatoes on a cookie sheet and roasted them under the broiler until the skins charred. I then roasted about 12 jalapenos (I only used jalapenos because that's all I had) the same way. When cool, I peeled, cored and roughly chopped the tomatoes. I seeded and chopped the jalapenos in my food processor until chopped fine. I also chopped the raw onion this way.

Put tomatoes, onion, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper into a pot on the stove. Added oregano (dried), cumin, and jalapenos to taste. I omitted the sugar because my tomatoes were SO sweet and upped the vinegar. Brought to a boil and cooked until the onions were soft (didn't take much more then bringing to a boil) and added cilantro at the last minute. Jarred and processed.

This made a wonderful thin, restaurant style salsa (not the gloppy Pace style). My family is eating it like crazy! I'm thinking I'm going to have to hide a jar as even just a few days of sitting improves the flavor tremendously! Next time I won't up the vinegar. I kept trying to even out the tomatoes sweetness (they were SO SWEET, salsa initially tasted like I had dumped a cup of sugar in the pot), but the sweetness has mellowed after salsa sat on shelf a few days.

Really, really good finished product. I and my family thank you.

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BothFex October 04, 2010

I made this almost a month ago, but I wanted to wait to rate it until I had opened a jar that had been sitting. First off, I left out all the peppers but the jalapenos and serranos because I don't love the flavor of peppers but I do enjoy the heat. DO seed your peppers. The heat comes from the membrane, the seeds are just bitter (thanks, Alton Brown!) I also used bottled lime juice because I don't think I would enjoy the vinegar in my salsa. There is plenty of research out there that supports that it is okay to sub botttled lime for vinegar, so check the canning forum links if you are iffy about this. I just want to say thanks for this recipe. I got my canning equipment solely because I love salsa so much and this recipe is a real winner!

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messystation April 05, 2009

Medium hot. Mixed peppers. Best recipe.

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CharlotteCanCook November 06, 2011

I've made this two years now. My boys will not let a summer go by without me making homemade Salsa. They like it a little thinner so I only seed half of the tomatoes.

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Momof5boys2 August 28, 2008

Very easy, and good taste. going to make another batch using yellow tomatoes this weekend. thanks this one is a keeper.

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wildinwy September 01, 2006

I've canned this twice this year with fresh grown veggies from my garden. Excellent recipe!

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It's all good December 20, 2005

I made this last year and it was terrific. I like hot, so I used all jalapenos. I already made a batch this year with hot green chiles. Will be making another today with jalapenos.

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*SimplyME* October 03, 2004

I cut recipe in 1/2. subsitited almost all hot peppers with green, used two seeded anehiem instead. Made 1/2 pints, processed 35 minutes. Sure tasted good out of the pot, cna't wait to taste after it sits a while.

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LCAnderson September 17, 2004

This is a very good recipe. I was very happy with the flavor, color, texture. The only thing I might mention is that when I cooked my batch. I had removed all the seeds in the peppers thinking that for the amount of peppers the recipe called for it might be to hot if I didn't. Mine came out to be like a medium hot. So if you like it a bit hotter you may want to leave in some of the seeds and membrane of the peppers for more heat. Also I will mention that I got about 7 pints for this recipe. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Julynne Nelson September 23, 2003
Homemade Salsa for canning