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This recipe wasn't what I expected. Maybe I did something wrong, because this was my first time every trying to make ravioli, but the cooked ravioli were tough and chewy and didn't have much flavor at all. I had a very hard time rolling the dough out to a large enough size to make 24 ravioli out of one sheet, it had to be rolled so thin it kept tearing. The dough also stuck to the counter when I tried to pick it up to put over the filling, despite the fact that it felt rather dry and there was flour all over the counter beneath it. Also, this made way too little dough for so much filling - I had loads left over. I could use it for lasagna or stuffed shells, I suppose, but it really doesn't taste that good so I wouldn't want to. I didn't use this sauce, I used my own tried-and-true recipe for that.

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Cook+Princess October 31, 2012
Homemade Ravioli With Tomato Sauce