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Excellent method for making pumpkin puree if you prefer to take your carotenes in pumpkin shape and refuse to buy the canned stuff. Made it with butternut squash and it turned out perfectly. After exactly 30 minutes steaming time the squash - skin included - was so tender that I would have been able to press it through a sieve instead of processing it in a blender, and it tasted better than any pumpkin puree I have made so far. Thank you so much for broadening my horizon about working with pumpkins and providing such a simple and healthy method of making pumpkin puree!

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Mia in Germany May 30, 2010

i was going to try making this with the crock pot method, but i had too much pumpkin to fit. so i decided to try steaming/boiling the rest. this is SO fast, only took about 20 minutes for mine to cook through! as for the crock pot batch... that's not gonna be done for another... say 5 hours :) thanks George for a quick and just as good alternative

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kangningchang November 21, 2009
Homemade Pumpkin Puree- Steamed or Boiled