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Prep 1 min
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I found this in Toddler 411, and will never find it when my kids are I am posting it here.


  1. Mix it all together -- drink.
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I always have Jello on hand but not kool aid. I also add a teaspoon baking soda to help the stomach.

Beerchef April 06, 2010

I have no idea what this is supposed to taste like. I decided to make this recipe not for kids...but for me. (kids should not object to the taste) I've started having really bad Charley Horses in my legs at night...and I read online that as we age...we sometimes have decreased electrolytes. I considered drinking Gatorade or one of the other sports drinks but since I don't like the taste of them and they are very expensive...I was looking for an alternative. I'm giving this 5 stars because it doesn't taste bad and might actually help me for pennies instead of dollars. I will increase the amount of Jello for more flavor. (other recipes here show using more jello so it shouldn't affect the electrolyte balance.) BTW I used 2 ounces of the water heated to dissolve the gelatin first so that it wouldn't be grainy. Made for Spring PAC 2010.

CarrolJ April 01, 2010