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YUMMMY !!!!!!!!! This are so good and easy but a bit time consuming. Make sure to sift the sugar into the peanut butter so there are no lumps. I used a spoon to mix since I thought a wisk would get filled with the creamy mixture to easily. I used foil tart shells and this worked well a bit finicky to remove. BUT next time I will try to find those teent tiny paper cups to make them a one bite treat since we find the chocolate melts so quickly and what a mess BUT a good finger licking mess. LOL The biggest problem is I have 18 of these in my fridge calling my name LOLThanks for a yummy recipe I did this for the My 3 Chefs fall 2008 contest

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wicked cook 46 November 18, 2008
Homemade Peanut Butter Cups