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VERY GOOD ONE....It works and it is good. Yes it removes Blood..I know hubby fell and cut his arm..I used it on the towels...This will be good for people with hard water. Thank You.

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Braunda July 08, 2002

I've been using the name brand oxygen cleaner for a couple of years and the results from this recipe are impressive. I plan to try this using the pre-wash cycle on my washing machine, but have had good results using it as a pre-treater for stains on whites and light colored items. Thanks for sharing a useful recipe.

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rsarahl July 25, 2002

With four children, this is probably the most useful "recipe" I have found.....Thanks alot!

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Joli January 01, 2003

This has been very good to use for "potty training" stains. I soak overnight and wash as normal and it works great.

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hkgriffith December 07, 2002

My friend bought the " other expensive stuff " and wasn't pleased with the results at all, so I knew I wouldn't waste my money buying it either. I came across this recipe, using my washer on the " mini " setting, I used 16 oz each of baking soda and hydro perox. because the water ratio had increased. I tossed in 5 " Parrothead " t - shirts ( white background / coloured scenes ) that had become yellowed on one side only ( DH had smoked in the bedroom ). I also tossed in a few pairs of ground in dirt white socks ( I " borrow " his white socks to run around the house ( & outside..shush ) - my intelligent blond logic to him... " But honey, See how dirty the floors really are ! ". I swipe them because they are so much thicker than womens socks, but he wouldn't care about that. I added the dry ingredients after the washer filled, agitating them a few minutes to mix. Added the clothes and socks letting them run as a wash for 10 minutes, turned off the machine ( only have a max 12 minute cycle ), reset the machine back to 12 minutes, did another 10 minute cycle, shut it down at that point, then forgot about them till the next day ( what can I say..LOL ), I then washed as usual after completing the full cycle. I've never seen white so white, it didn't bleed nor fade any of the colours and it dissolved the ground in dirt..AMAZING !!!!!.. Thank you for an awesome recipe, It cost me $.71 total for the soda & perox. It doesn't get any better than this !!! And, yes I will still " borrow " his socks. Keeps him happy, his knowing I'm so logical when it comes to seeing how dirty the floors can get so quickly...Thank you again for this recipe, it's the best !!!!!

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peachez July 10, 2003

Okay, I was skeptical. But...wow! I gathered up some clothing items that were stained (old stains and fresh stains) including a clean article of clothing that happened to have an old, largish blood stain. I ran some hot water into my washer, added a full bottle of hydrogen peroxide as well as 2 cups of baking soda, then ran more hot water into the washer -- enough to cover all the clothing items. I likely watered down the mixture too much, but even so the results were highly impressive. Most impressive were 2 items: firstly, an old pale-yellow sweatshirt I wear around the house (and often wear when cooking) that had lots of old pale stains. They disappeared! And secondly, the large bloodstained item had the stain disappear by about 80%, and also lightened up. And this stain was OLD! I will definitely pretreat my clothing with this solution again; next I'm going to try it on old gungy socks. Thanks for posting this :-)

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Lennie September 28, 2003

I quadrupled the peroxide and baking soda and just added it straight to my washing machine with a small load of whites. I actually let them set in the machine overnight and then finished washing the next morning. I will be using this method from now on! My clothes were bright white and looked great. I did have a few things that had some color on them and it didn't hurt them at all. Thanks for a great recipe, Tish!

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~cbw~ January 15, 2004

This was really good. I never had any luck with the original oxy cleaner and so tried this directly in the washer. Couldn't believe how the socks were white again! Thank you! This is a great alternative to bleach

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carolyn lynch August 04, 2003

Tish, this stuff is GREAT!!! I use it for pre-soaking stained white clothing. It even removed sweat stains from my son's t-shirts. WOW! I love it!! Thanks for sharing.

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Susie in Texas May 25, 2003

I LOVE this recipe... thank you so much for sharing!! Ok, I had to add this to my review because all the other reviews are about how awesome this is on laundry stains. I used this on a stainless steel pot where I had burnt something in it to the point where I thought it was completely ruined. I mixed up the recipe, put enough cleaner in there to cover the bottom, then scrubbed for a few minutes.... it made my pot sparkle. it also cleaned my glass top stove with ease. I just had to rinse the stove several times.

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DreamerLex November 27, 2012
Homemade 'Oxygen' Cleaner