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Okay, so my initial reaction to these when I tried one freshly cooled and filled was that it was good, but the cookie was too crispy and overpowered the filling a bit. Since DH really doesn't eat much in the way of chocolatey sweets, I packed them up and brought them to work with me. I tried another cookie for dessert after dinner, and WOW! It was like a totally different cookie after sitting for a few hours! The cookies softened up and became chewy, and the filling seems to have morphed from plain old flavored whipped cream to something that tasted like the store bought version of filling, but with a lovely ethereal texture. Whatever it was, it was definitely not plain old flavored whipped cream anymore, and it complemented these cookies perfectly! The only change I made was to add a packet of Whip-It stabilizer to the cream because I was afraid it would become weepy over time. My only complaint was that I ran out of filling with one pair of cookies left (I got 14 filled cookies out of this with the 2 naked leftover cookies). I'm not sure if it was just the slightly coarser organic cane sugar I use or not, but the baked cookies had a bit of sparkle to them, too. I'm so glad that Baby Kato convinced me to try your scrumptious cookies! Thanks for posting. Made for PAC Fall 2012

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Muffin Goddess November 09, 2012

Great cookies Molly. These are so good, I can see why your family prefers these. They were yummy. A little crisp on the outside and soft and tender with a delicious filling. I was so surprised by the filling, I thought that it would evaporate into the cookie, but after 3 days the filling remained and the cookies were as yummy as on the first day. Love the chocolate flavor in these little gems. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. Made for Fall Pac 2012

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Baby Kato November 08, 2012
Homemade Oreos