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this was messy sticky and did not work. I think it needs more cooking in order to do what it is supposed to. waste of honey. sorry Im going to try to cook this down a little so it is more like the other recipe on zaar for this. I cooked this on the stovetop until it was a dark amber and it worked just fine. I did find that I got red spots on my legs when I used this but my brow cam out fine. Also did hubby's chest and back. this recipe is fine if you cook it enough I think it is just the cooking time or microwave settings are not enough. cornstarch definately helped. aperently not as painful as wax. I dont know never used wax before. Thanks for the recipe anyway

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alleycatb June 17, 2008

I would suggest describing the consistency when ready. I admit that I'm not familiar with the real Nad's so I didn't know quite what to expect. I thought "a thin strip" meant that the mixture should still be somewhat thin. The dish felt warm, not hot...but it was...really hot. A three inch blistering burn later, I let it cool a lot more and tried it on a different part of my leg. The pain just wasn't worth the 65% or so hair removal that resulted. Maybe someone with finer hair than myself and more experience with the actual Nads product would do better. I'll stick to shaving for now.

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Queen Sarahberry August 30, 2004
Homemade Nads Recipe