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This is a very good base recipe for Miracle Whip. I found when I compared it side by side with Miracle Whip, it was not as sweet. So, I added another tablespoon of powdered sugar and that did the trick. Also, Miracle Whip has paprika and garlic in it. So, I added 1/4 teaspoon of paprika and 1/4 teaspoon of garlic. Tastes just like Miracle Whip to me!!! Good stuff!!

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17KensethFan April 03, 2006

As a Southern boy, one of my favorite foods was saltines spread with Miracle Whip. So I know my "Whip". However, I found myself out on day and had to improvise. This recipe fit the bill after a few modifications. First, as shown, it's too "lemony". I reduced the lemon juice by two teaspoons. Second, this recipe was not nearly as sweet as Miracle Whip. Accordingly, I increased the powdered sugar by a tablespoon. After the mods, the recipe was a very good imitation of the original article. It works in a pinch. By the way, Mirj, where could one possibly live that Miracle Whip is not available? Being a "die hard" MW lover, I would be glad to send you some.

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Max Thames March 16, 2009

I made this yesterday, following the suggestions to increase the ps and decrease the lemon juice - EXCELLENT!! I took a sample to work and everyone raved about it. This will be all I use from now on - tastier and cheaper than the real thing!

Thanks Mirj!

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Cooking4six July 19, 2010

This makes a fair substitute for Miracle Whip, but in fact, it is a great mayo! Add a bit more powdered sugar, some paprika, and perhaps a bit of powdered garlic to bring up the MW flavor.

For those who are having a problem with it not emulsifying, you have to REALLY whisk it, not just stir the whisk in the bowl. I use my Kitchenaid stand mixer with the whisk attachment for making mayo. Whisk your egg yolks until they are already creamy, about 1 - 2 minutes. Add your spices to the vinegar and let them dissolve and soak up the vinegar. Add the spices and vinegar to the eggs and keep them whisking in the mixer. Once they are in the bowl, start adding your oil - SLOWLY! Add teaspoon by teaspoon, all the while whisking the mixture. After several minutes the mixture will start to turn white. Keep adding oil and whisking. It should start to get thicker and thicker. Keep adding oil and whisking! If you get all the way to the end of your oil, add another egg yolk and keep going! Eventually, the amount of lecithin in the egg yolk will start the emulsion and you balance the yolks, the oil, and the vinegar more as an art than a science. Once you have a good emulsion, adjust your spices to get that MW flavor.

Real MW has a lot of other goodies in it - it was originally a product designed to be less expensive than eggs and oil in a time of financial woe - the Great Depression. It has thickeners, other emulsifiers, etc. that make it MW instead of mayo.

Have fun!

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Nunya Bidness June 10, 2012

This recipe is excellent! I made a few small changes and it is EXACTLY like miracle whip!
I halved the powdered sugar, increased the salt to 1 tsp and decreased the vinegar to 2.5 tb. I also added 1/4 tsp paprika and 1/4 tsp garlic powder as recommended. It is so close to the real thing that we can't tell them apart! = )
Thank you so much for this recipe Mirj!

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jenniferd1009 December 27, 2011

This is a great tasting recipe. Like the others I added a little more sugar, paprika and garlic. I will be making this when ever I need miralce whip for something.

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koolbear51 February 07, 2009

I'm so happy someone pointed me to this recipe!!! I've tried at least 4 different versions of mayo and none of them turned out. They were too thin or oily, just gross! But this one is awesome!! Definitely use the extra sugar and the garlic and paprika though. And ADD the oil SLOWLY! It tastes just like the stuff you buy in the store. Thanks, my family is so happy about this one.

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LiloBrat05 June 03, 2008

I was making a recipe that called for Miracle Whip, which I don't usually buy, so..... this recipe fit the bill just perfectly! Thanks Mirj! I did half the recipe and it turned out just fine!

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Sharon123 September 09, 2003

Good replica, I added onion and garlic powder, as well as paprika to give it extra zip, and used Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of eggs for a cholesterol free dressing, and increased sugar as well. Thanks!

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Chef Nature December 28, 2010

My DH was really wanting egg salad sandwiches and after getting the eggs boiled and chopped I went to the fridge to find I had no miracle whip. So I found this recipe and was pretty impressed. I used cornstarch instead of flour and I didn't have vinigar on hand so I used pickle juice. It didn't taste exactly like miricle whip but worked out great just the same. I also added more sugar then it called for and paprika. Like I said the flavor was good it had a bit of a chalky texture but that didnt come through in the egg salad so it worked for me. I think next time I will try flour instead. This was fun to make. I have been experimenting making things I would normaly buy like sour cream and cool whip. Thanks!!

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angel mama of 4 December 09, 2009
Homemade Miracle Whip