Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Total Time
2 mins
3 mins

This was published in the Daily Kent Stater today, and I posted it so that I would not have to clip it. I thought others might be interested in it too!

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  • 13 cup popcorn
  • 2 -3 tablespoons melted butter
  • salt


  1. Pour kernels into a small paper bag (standard lunch size is fine) and fold the top of the bag over twice to close (each fold should be 1/2 inch deep; remember the kernals need room to pop).
  2. Seal the bag with 2 staples placed 2 to 3 inches apart. (Editor's Note: Using metal staples in a microwave can be hazardous, please consider an alternate method).
  3. Place bag in microwave on carousel. Cook on high 2-3 minutes, or until the pops are 5 seconds apart. Pour in melted butter and salt and shake the bag to distribute.
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Thanks so much for a great recipe, Lisa! I used a chip clip (all plastic, no metal) instead of staples, cause I was paranoid about metal in my microwave and it worked just fine. I also used spray butter on my popcorn instead of melted butter because it has 0 calories. I will be using this often! Thanks again for posting!

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What a snap! I did the butter spray and salt. Used Scotch tape to seal...no problem.Could re-use the bag.

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WOW! Just tried this and it worked perfectly and was so fast and easy! Mine was done in 2 minutes. I was going to go and buy a popcorn maker but now I don't have to. Thanks for sharing this.