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I incorporated a lot of the suggestions of other reviewers when I made this. I poured hot water in the food processor and left it for a few minutes, then dried before using. Also, I washed the egg in vinegar, rinsed and dried it before adding to the recipe. I omitted the paprika, reduced the salt to about 1/4 tsp (because many people said it was too salty with 1/2 tsp), used 1 tbsp vinegar and about 2 tsp lemon juice, and added 1 tsp sugar. I mixed all the ingredients (except only adding 2-3 tbsp canola oil) and processed on low for 2 minutes. I then stopped to scrape the sides, before continuing to process on low. The remaining oil I added in a continuous slow stream until it was gone and the mixture reached the consistency of mayo. I was worried early on that it wouldn't thicken, but it took most of the oil for the consistency to really take shape. This turned out so well, and tasted just like real Hellmann's mayonnaise. This is a great recipe and will be sure to make this again, thanks!

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haven't the slightest August 24, 2010

Beach Girl, you got in first with a real winner. I have been making this awesome recipe since the early 1980s (it is the only mayo my family and friends will eat). But my process is slightly different. I always double the ingredients. I put the eggs, hot English dry mustard, salt and vinegar in a food processor and buzz them for 30 seconds. With the processor motor still running, I then slowly add the oil in a fine stream. If you add the oil too fast the whole mixture will curdle. By the way, you can make it with canola, sunflower, vegetable or olive oil...but never use peanut oil. I learned that the hard way...Â?and it tastes terrible. Also, don't worry too much about the raw egg. I have served this recipe to many ages...from 2 to 96...with no ill effects. But I am very careful about my source of eggs. And a last comment, I think a great aspect of this mayo is the lack of sugar. If you must add sugar, add no more than 1 teaspoon per egg used.

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Leggy Peggy January 20, 2007

Thank you for sharing this recipe, homemade mayonnaise is the best!! I followed the ingredients to a "t" but I have to say, there is a much easier way to prepare the mayo than using a blender or food processor. Dump all the ingredients into a tall narrow container (tall, big glass works well) use an immersion, or "stick" blender. Place the blender all the way to the bottom of the glass, turn it on and slowly pull it up. Ta-Da! Your mayo is ready in less than 30 seconds.

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littlethibault July 05, 2012

this is a wonderful recipe. I make mine in the food processor. i have to say a general mayo making tip would be always add the oil in a very thin continuos stream. also if you warm your blender/food processor slightly you get a much smoother mayo. (warm by filling with hot water and let it sit for a few min, then pour out the water, dry well, then make your mayo.

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Maya's Mama January 03, 2010

warning to those who are using a " vitamix". do not pour in oil slowly as with other food processers or you will ruin it. mix everything together except oil briefly on high then turn down to about 8 and just pour oil in a stream about the width of your thumb. watch closely for emulsion you may have to go faster. in seconds you have mayonnaise. I use organic extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin organic coconut oil, equal parts.

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biblicalhealth June 19, 2014

Excellent recipe. I've been making mayo like this for years. I recommend olive oil, though. First, it gives a more authentic flavour (for those of you that have had real mayo in Europe). Second, canola oil is awful for one's health. If you add some chopped sweet pickles or a little relish, this makes an outstanding tartar sauce!

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rusticgirl November 19, 2009

The easiest way to make this is with an immersion blender or stick blender. Put all ingredients into a 2 cup glass measuring cup. Place blender all the way to the bottom and turn on (I used low speed). Lift blender to top and everything is creamy and ready. Less than 30 seconds. Perfect every time.

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cherokeegirl71 June 01, 2014

The mayo turned out great, really enjoyed it. I wiped my eggs with vinegar. I think the soap might do more harm than good. Also the acid in the vinegar would really make this okay to take to a picnic. No potato salad at a picnic is a fallacy. There have been quite a few research papers written on this subject.

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Marlitt May 06, 2010

Love this! Never made mayo before and this is a keeper!<br/>I used half vegetable oil half olive oil.<br/>A quick shot of regular mustard (not dry).<br/>White wine vinegar... and a dash or so of salt, pepper, cumin, and garlic. <br/>This will go perfectly with my baked eggplant 'fries'. YUM! <br/>Thanks so much! Never buying store mayo again.

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ReneeKR December 05, 2013

I've made this a few times now, and won't go back to store-bought mayo! I use olive oil, as we don't use canola. The flavor is incredible! Thanks for posting this versatile recipe.

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SDB June 28, 2011
Homemade Mayonnaise