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I used my food processor to slice the potato real thin, so preparation was a breeze. I tried adding a little vinegar with the seasoning and had a fantastic low-fat snack!

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drea228a July 23, 2002

What an amazing way to make homemade chips! I made this over the weekend when I just had to much on something salty. I used salt, pepper and oregano(!) as my seasonings. I had a little problem while turning the chips over the first time; they kinda stuck to my microwave dish rather stubbornly, and some of them also fused together! Still, they turned out great, if a little odd-shaped :) I'll definitely make this again!

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Anu February 19, 2002

This was wonderful! I love store-bought sweet potato chips, so I decided to try to make these chips with a sweet potato. They turned out great! Better than store-bought, and much less expensive! Plus, they're a great healthy snack. I didn't have to cook mine quite as long as the recipe suggests--mine began to turn brown during the first of the two 2-minute segments. Just take them out whenever they start to turn brown. You don't want to overcook them! Again, let me just say that these were super, and I'll definitely make them in the future!!

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LeighAnn February 01, 2003

These are soooo good. I think I need a couple more microwaves, so I can make more at a time. Ha ha. They go really fast. Thanks so much for a great recipe. Just had to add another note - I just made these again. I sprayed a plate w/butter flavored pam and then sprayed the potatoes & sprinkled with seasoning salt instead of putting in a bag w/oil. I also used two plates so I would have one ready when the first one came out - one potato is so not enough.

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Connie Lea August 22, 2009

If you are looking for a low- to no-fat snack, this is it! My suggestions: 1) use parchment paper and a paper plate (you can throw it all away; no clean up); 2) instead of putting the oil and potato slices in a bag and tossing, just spray slices with cooking spray (although you could eliminate this step for a truly no-fat snack). My 20-year-old son and I think they taste better using the cooking spray, though.

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rutankid January 04, 2010

(@_@) Amazing!!! What is this microwave wizardry?!?! These are freaking delicious ridiculousness. I thought microwaves were for soggifying things, not crisping. I was wrong. --- I used my food processor slicing blade, on one medium sized long white potato, to get those wafer thin slices and enjoyed the ability to customize every batch, by sprinkling the spices over the plated slices (rather than adding them in the inflated shake bag of goodness). I also sprayed the plate and the top of the slices with cooking oil. I did sea salt on the first plate, sea salt and cracked peppercorn over the second, and now I am too full to experiment further. (~_^)b I've "cooked" and eaten 1/2 the potato. I think I will do sea salt and vinegar next time. --- You have saved me from myself. :D I am like a kid, with absolutely no self-control, when it comes to crispy treats. I will seriously choose a bag of chips and some salsa or hummus over dinner. I am making my own chips from now on! my 1/2 potato serving nutrition data = CALORIES: 84.55 ; FAT: 1.27 ; SAT FAT: .19 ; PROTEIN: 1.79 ; FIBER: 2.55 ; CARBS: 16.73 --- Looks good to me!

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lethe May 25, 2010


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alkaloidqueen March 05, 2010

Amazing - tastes just like potato chips! As another reviewer suggested I used cooking spray olive oil flavor. Do spray the plate too or else they'll really stick! I used red potatoes and it was fantastic will become my alternative to buying potato chips - low fat and you can make them fresh whenever you want them!

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carolinerocks February 21, 2010

This was a perfect side along with Kittencal's Tuna Melt Sandwich. I added French Fried Seasoning to the oil and a light sprinkling when done. Next time I won't nuke them as long as they got a little to hard but still good to eat. What a fun recipe to do with the kids especially on those icky days when you can't play outside and they whining "there ain't nothing to do".

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Catnip46 December 17, 2009

These are wonderful. For those who wonder why it works so well in a microwave, it is because of the way a microwave cooks - by vibrating and thus heating and evaporating water molecules. It gets a bad rep on other food, but as soon as I read this recipe it was a no-brainer. I flipped three times and used two plates for less contact area between chips. This allows you to flip one plate while the other is heating. The result is amazing for such little work.

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Pacocase September 30, 2009
Homemade Low Calorie Potato Chips