Homemade Liverwurst - Leberwurst

Total Time
2hrs 20mins
Prep 0 mins
Cook 2 hrs 20 mins

Here's another recipe for making Leberwurst yourself. Sorry it took so long. I sort of get behind in everything translating a lot of recipes helping folks in Germany or here. Best regards, Annemarie Klehe Edgell Liverwurst with Onion Yield estimated

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  1. Cook pork belly about 70 minutes.
  2. Blanch liver and veal 5 minutes.
  3. Coarsely chop onions and saute briefly, should not change color.
  4. Grind meats and onion with 3mm blade of meat grinder.
  5. Add spices, salt and water thoroughly mixing all ingredients.
  6. Fill sausage casings, tie ends securely.
  7. Place sausages in water of 175 deg F and slowly bring up to 215 deg F (boiling) and continue cooking at that temperature for 60 minutes.
  8. If canning, use canning procedures, and cook 90 minutes.
  9. Liverwurst can be frozen.