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This does work well. Honestly, I don't know why anyone doesn't make this versus buying the stuff from the store. The store products will take the colors out of your clothes because they have additives in them, like ash. Look up the ingredients online---it's not the best stuff in there. FABRIC SOFTENER: You know those little plastic balls you are supposed to put liquid fabric softener in so during your spin cycle it spins out onto your clothes? Put some white distilled vinegar in it. It will soften your clothes without the smell. And here's another tip: If you get static cling, wad up some aluminum foil and toss it in your dryer when you dry your clothes----it takes the static cling out of your clothes!

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Neophyte in USA January 27, 2008

I really like this stuff, though it is a little messy. I made it in a 5 gal igloo container (like the orange ones they use for Gatorade at sporting events) and I was hoping I could use the spicket for it like the 300oz store bought containers. Unfortunately because mine gelled somewhat unevenly I was unable to do that so I just scoop it out with a measuring cup. Works great though, smells clean. I use vinegar for fabric softener. For anyone having problems finding the ingredients they're all available on soapsgonebuy.com at a very reasonable price. Thanks Daphne! EDIT: After a good working over with a slotted spoon my detergent does in fact go through the pour spout. YAY!

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Three Kids Make Me Crazy March 24, 2008

I will never buy laundry detergent again. I have made 2 batches since the day this recipe was posted. The first, I used baking soda like the last reviewer and it did a good job but didn't gel up. The second I did exactly like the recipe and it is super. I have terrible water even with a water softener and so laundry is somewhat frustrating but our clothes were so clean with this and talk about removing odors from horrible socks! With 6 active people in this house (including 2 teenage daughters) this lasts so long. This is great. THanks

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carolyn lynch October 16, 2003

This works very well and so cheap! My husband didn't even notice that I was using something different. I think it rinses cleaner than regular laundry detergent. The washing soda is a bit hard to find but it is well worth the effort!

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Sully7 October 03, 2003

I made the liquid version of this recipe two days ago and washed my first load of laundry with it yesterday. My husband is a welder and his work clothes are just nasty at the end of the day. So I thought if this could get those clean then it should work really well on the rest of the laundry. And boy did it work. Not only cleaner, but brighter compared to the ones washed in commercial detergent. Made it in a five gallon bucket, let it sit overnight, then stirred it for about 45 minutes with a giant whisk. I noticed this morning that the soap had started to separate in the containers I poured it into and wondered if anyone else had this problem? Anyway, it works really well and I will be making this again. I'm considering trying this in the powder form next time and then just dissolving what I need in a cup of hot water before adding it to the wash.Update 2/2012 My first batch lasted 7 months!!! I did try the powdered version, it didn't last as long as the liquid and it was a pain to dissolve in hot water before adding to the wash. For those looking for an alternative to fabric softener you really should try vinegar - i fill my softener dispenser cup with white vinegar then dilute it with water. My clothes come out soft and my towels are more absorbent than ever.

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Kimberly Keller February 16, 2012

Awesome!! I honestly think that this cleans better then the $21.00 a bottle I was paying for and I would get 1/4 the amount. I make 5 gallons at a time & add 20 drops of Clean Breeze essential oil. I use it with regular fabric softener (haven't found a homemade one I like yet) use nothing in the dryer and my clothes smell wonderful, even socks, underwear and towels! Plus it's kind of fun to make with the kids!

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ckelsall April 07, 2011

This is amazing, I heard the recipe from a woman I know on another site but I couldnt remember the amounts. I love this because I have a lot of skin alergies and this doesnt affect me, and I'm not afraid to use it for my babies clothes. I use a scented dryer sheet to get a good smell, other than just clean, but Ive heard its good to put about 3-5 drops of scented oil per gallon.

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xoxo-Samantha March 17, 2010

Wow! Who even knew? Our grandmothers probably. This is great. Even gets the bottoms of dirty socks clean.

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mlkull February 13, 2010

This recipe was incredible! I was skeptical at first as I am a tide fan. I do an avg. of 3 loads/day 7 days a week and this will save our family over 200.00/yr. compared to tide prices. This costs us an avg. of 1.87/5 gallons. It cleans great and rinses clean. The clothes do not have much of a smell but you can still use your downy or dryer sheets to help with that. The ultimate test for me was when this got blood out of an item. I did pretreat with liquid tide as recommended by someone else though. I may just try the detergent on the next stain I get and see what happens. I am really excited and am giving samples to friends along with the recipe. I did have trouble finding the fels naptha soap but our kroger ended up having it. This is a great money saver!

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oboth November 05, 2008

As a former lover of Tide and Downy, I LOVE this and have used it for about 6 months. It works VERY well, and it is very inexpensive. I changed it a little though. I used half a bar of Ivory lavender soap, 1/2 cup of Washing soda, and no borax. Instead of pouring into a 5 gal bucket, I poured it into my old 300 oz Tide plastic container. Then I added enough hot water to fill it, and shook it to mix well. The next day it was gelled perfectly. Also, for fabric softener I mix 1 part fabric softener with one equal part water and one part white vinegar. It makes your fabric softener last 3 times as long, and it smells great. The first batch or two you might not smell it because you're used to the super-strong smell of the straight fabric softener, but after the 2nd load, it was awesome.

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hope March 26, 2007
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