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I didn't have much luck with these, but that may just be my cooking skill. The flavor was great, but the dough was hard to manage, even after chilling. Also I baked and baked them but I just couldn't get them to come out crisp, and chewy graham crackers just aren't right. It would be good to have a general idea of an appropriate cooking time. 5 minutes? 30? 60? I want to keep trying these to see if I can get them right, but I think I'll do it in smaller batches in the future, till I can make it work for me.

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Wigglesworth September 09, 2009

These are sweet, but very good. I split the dough in three and baked one and froze the other two. When we are ready for the next batch, I taked it out and thaw in the fridge. My 3 year old LOVES these, and I like knowing exactly what goes into them.

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Bling Lady March 25, 2008

Wow! These are so delicious - I'm never eating store-bought again! For those who may not know, graham flour is interchangeable with whole-wheat flour. After blending the ingredients, I spread it into a rectangle on floured plastic wrap, dusted the top with a little more flour, then covered it before placing it in the fridge. This step helped greatly in rolling it out the next day. I worked with one half at a time so the dough didn't get too warm, therefore tough to handle. I also pricked the tops with a fork.I cut them into 2 1/2" squares, baked for 12 minutes and got 78 perfect crackers!! Thanks for the excellent recipe!

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amyelice June 20, 2007
Homemade Graham Crackers