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I looked at this and another recipe. This one has big issues with it being very liquidy. I couldn't make it into a ball, even reducing the water to 2 T. I had to add quite a bit of flour. The other recipe (which is twice the amount of flour) has issues with being too dry, so I'm going to try to get a happy medium and tinker with it. I'll let you know. The molasses was a little strong for me, so I'll cut that. I rolled on parchment paper and transfered it all to the cookie sheet after slicing into squares. Had to bake 20 minutes and still didn't seem crisp, but I took it out and it crisped up nicely while drying.

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WI Cheesehead September 22, 2008

These are very yummy. I'm very happy these turned out okay because when I decided to make this recipe I found out after mixing everything that I had to go out of town in an hour for 3 days! After panicking a little I decided to wrap the dough in plastic wrap and putting it in a zip lock bag. I finally got to bake them today and they came out okay thank goodness. :) If I remember right I used brown sugar for the honey because I didn't have any. And I only used 2 tablespoons of water because of past comments. Oh, when rolling them out I used quite a bit of flour for dusting. I still think they were a bit too moist so I baked them for about 10 minutes longer than called for to get a nice crisp cracker. This is a good recipe to play with but its not quite there. *update* Okay, I have to admit.... I love these! They have been my breakfast for the past week. I spread peanut butter and cream cheese on them and top em with blue berries and walnuts. Yummy

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*all4him* March 08, 2008

These had good flavor but the texture wasn't as firm as I wanted them to be. I didn't use shortening, but instead used margarine, so it may be my fault, and not the recipe! I'll try them again. The goal is to replace store bought on the pantry shelf at home.

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Kirby January 06, 2008

Anme, I won't be rating this recipe since, like the previous reviewer, I too had to add in quite a bit of flour. I shall definitely be making it again since it tasted great but will have to play around with the quantities.

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum December 31, 2007

Great taste as is, but I am still working on this one with consistency as it needed less liquid or more flour. I will be back to try again. :) Thanks, Anme!!

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SweetsLady October 23, 2007

These were outrageously good. So good that I ate one and ran, not walked, to my neighbor to give them to her...because if they stayed in the house I was going to eat every single one :)

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MarraMamba October 17, 2007

I liked these alot and my kids gobble them down. However I did have to triple both flours to get the texture that I wanted. Great snack thanks!

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fruity645 October 18, 2011
Homemade Graham Crackers