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I have 5 Dachshunds, 1 Great Pyrenees, and 1 BloodHound on my farm. I started making this food with minor adjustments for 12 years and feeding my dogs 1/2 Kibble and 1/2 this, because we had a Dachshund that nearly starved to death because we couldn't find a food she would eat. So I started making rice and cooking chicken or beef or ground turkey in olive oil which is great for their skin and coat and adding carrots,peas,potatoes, or sweet potatoes.It saved our Samantha and The vet always comments on how beautiful my dogs coats are and how healthy they are.

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Sophia6 November 19, 2010

I have an extremely picky 18mo. old Border Collie that has been underweight since we brought her home. She eats but not enough to put on weight. She is otherwise healthy and has lots of energy. We have tried numerous brands of dog food. I have tried everything including adding Nutri-Cal per my vet's recommendation. No matter what I added to her food she would lick off the additions and only eat a little of her dog food. I have been desperate to try to expand her stomach to increase her appetite. And then I found this recipe. I made it last month and froze it in portions in zip-lock bags. She loves it! She did pick out the carrots :-) After feeding the homemade dog food to her a few times I then began processing it with some of her dried dog food and she eats it all up. I think her appetite is starting to increase. I did use sweet potatoes instead of baking potatoes. I omitted the chicken broth and just used water in order to reduce sodium content and preservatives. Thank you so much for the recipe!

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swissms October 31, 2010

I would definitely give this 5 stars if I knew the portion size. My dogs love it and it is easy to make and store. It smells and looks so much better than store bought food as well.

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sthornton November 13, 2007

My dogs LOVED this!!! I have a black lab with a sensitive stomach (she has to be on expensive prescription dog food). I mix 1 cup of this food, and 1 cup of her normal dog food, and she loves it! Better yet, its cheaper than the prescription dog food (god only knows whats in it) and she hasn't had any digestive problems at all! Thanks for posting!!

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amievv821 August 03, 2008

I chose this recipe as it seemed to have the least objections to it in reviews. Didn't cost me a lot to make, made a lot. So far I am giving about 1 cup mixed with their kibble (that they weren't fond of) and they are thrilled at dinner time now. My 2 girls have been on the thin side and this has increased their appetite very nicely. Their coats look good too. I used low salt/fat broth to keep it as healthy as possible. Thanks for the nice reipe!

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Acceptance December 19, 2009

So...I was wondering if this delicious doggy dish could be good for me too cuz it sounds so good!!!I can't just let my puppy have it all to himself!

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Elizabeth<3 August 18, 2008

I give this recipe four stars because I like most of the ingredients in the list. Cooking casserole style is easy and if your dog likes it, great! I've tried a recipe very similar to this one but it called for using a crockpot. My finicky mutts just didn't go for it. For those of you who want to feed homemade diet and don't have success with this recipe, try cooking items individually (roasting the meat, blanching the vegetables, steaming the rice etc). My finicky two will clean up their bowl for most meals cooked this way. I cook in quantities and then freeze the food in two-portions so that I need only fuss about once every two weeks or maybe once a month. All in all, I believe homemade food to be a by far healthier choice than the highly processed kibble foods!

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Kim A. Heaphy May 14, 2012

Our Xzena loves this food.I give her one cup with a handful of her expensive dog food,morning and night.

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NoraMarie November 19, 2008

I have been having trouble finding a dog food that my Maltipoo would eat other than Chef Michael's, which after reading the reviews decided not to feed him this commercial food. I found this receipe on Food.com by Southern Susie and decided to try it. Sam LOVES IT!!!! I'm thrilled. Sam and I thank you So. Susie. I did change it recipe slightly: I used reduced-salt chicken broth, and frozen veggie mix (carrots, corn, green beans and green peas). I give him about 2 cups per day and its gone in seconds.

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Frankie C. July 29, 2014

I've been interested in making my own homemade dog food for awhile, and was intrigued by all the positive reviews and healthy ingredients.

I made some changes to the recipe. I swapped out the potatoes for sweet potatoes. Since meat comes in 1lb packages, it was easy to just double the rice. I also added spinach in addition to the carrots and a tablespoon or so of rosemary. I also cooked the ingredients separately then mixed them together for 30 min or so to combine the flavors.

My two Australian Shepherds (25lb & 60lb) gobbled this down and LOVED it. I mixed about a cup of it with a cup of their dry food and will slowly get them off the dry food. I make sure to keep them on multi-vitamins so they get the other nutrients they need to stay healthy.

It cost me about 35-40 bucks for all the ingredients, and with 2 large-ish dogs it will last me about 7 days. I plan on looking for ways to make this a bit more affordable! Thanks for the great start!

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allisongrayce September 25, 2012
Homemade Dog Food