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I doubled this recipe but due to ingredents on hand I had to alter it a bit. I used 3 lbs deer and 1 lb pork sausage. I did not add the red pepper because we are sissys! I formed my loafs with an 18 oz oatmeal carton withy the bottom cut out but I think a tomato juice can would work better(I didn't have one) It was a bit too salty for me so next time I am going to decrease the tender quick and see what happens. This really did taste like bologna. In the past we have paid for processing for deer bologna--we no longer will need that. I am going to try it with buffalo next. Thanks for the great recipe!! Do you have any more deer recipes? Sure liked this one. UPDATE: I decreased the tender quick and had terrible results. It just fell apart and was quite yucky in texture. I will continue to follow the original recipe from now on.

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Dixie from Kansas January 07, 2009

I found this recipe via Google. I adjusted the batch size for 5 lbs. The one thing I did change was I did not put the mixed meat in a bowl and cover with water, instead I put the meat in a vacuum bag and vacuum sealed it and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. This worked very well. I bought fibrous casings, and stuffed them by hand. This took a little longer than a sausage stuffer would take(I ordered a sausage stuffer, and it's on it's way) but when I was done and sealed the casings, I baked the 2 sausages per the instructions.<br/>I took this the same day to a poker game that I play in, and I got rave reviews. All 5 pounds disappeared. Everyone that tried it said it was the absolute best trail bologna they had ever tasted. One person out of about 10 or 12 said it was too salty, everybody else said it was perfect, that is how trail bologna is supposed to be.<br/>The only thing I will do different next time is use a needle and poke some holes in the stuffed casings prior to cooking. Both of the sausages I made, the casings nearly split during the cooking from the expanding gases/juices.

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thamesdon March 04, 2014
Homemade Deer (Venison) Bologna